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Whitesnake Releases Music Video For Remixed Version Of “Lay Down, Stay Down”

“Lay Down, Stay Down” was one of the first songs David Coverdale wrote with Ritchie Blackmore during his time in Deep Purple.

photo by Ash Newell

Whitesnake has shared the official music video for the remixed version of “Lay Down, Stay Down” taken from the band’s upcoming The Purple Album: Special Gold Edition, set for release October 13, 2023.

Frontman David Coverdale says: “‘Lay Down, Stay Down’ was one of the first songs I wrote with Ritchie Blackmore at his house in Camberley, Surrey… I took the music demo home to Redcar, on the North East coast, where I maintained an apartment overlooking the North Sea… Glenn Hughes drove up from Cannock in the Midlands to hang out, and we messed around with the lyrics… It’s a lyric about dealing with bullies… an aspect of the human condition I despise… I can’t tell you the original ‘working’ title I had, as it’s quite disgusting… It’s about fighting back and not taking any shit from anybody… One of my favorite Ritchie guitar riffs from the ‘Burn’ album… and my guys totally drive it, as it should be driven…absolute balls to the wall…Super scorching solo from the incendiary Joel Hoekstra and the band firing on all six cylinders… Super new video put together, especially for this new GOLD celebration… N.B… Not Responsible For Speeding Tickets!!!”

Coverdale is celebrating the 50th anniversary of his Deep Purple debut this year with a special version of The Purple Album, Whitesnake’s tribute to his three-year tenure with the legendary group. This newly remixed, remastered, and expanded edition of the 2015 album features previously unreleased recordings, including the very demo that secured Coverdale’s spot with Deep Purple.

Coverdale recorded The Purple Album with guitarist Reb Beach, bassist Michael Devin, guitarist Joel Hoekstra (on his first Whitesnake album), and drummer Tommy Aldridge, reappearing on a Whitesnake studio album for the first time since 1989’s Slip Of The Tongue. The band cherry-picked gems from Burn (1974), Stormbringer (1974) and Come Taste The Band (1975), delivering inspired takes on fan favorites like “Lay Down Stay Down,” “Lady Double Dealer” and “You Keep On Moving.”

The 2-CD/Blu-ray version of The Purple Album: Special Gold Edition goes beyond the original with the addition of live recordings and concert videos from “The Purple Tour” (“The Gypsy,” “Mistreated”), official music videos (“Sail Away,” “You Fool No One”), and an assortment of previously unreleased material, including six alternate mixes of album tracks. The Blu-ray also offers a behind-the-scenes look at the album’s making and a song-by-song commentary by Coverdale.

An exciting addition to the upcoming collection is the four-song demo Coverdale submitted to Deep Purple, hoping to become the band’s next singer. Recorded in 1972 with his former band, The Fabulosa Brothers, the reel-to-reel tape was extensively restored after Coverdale stumbled upon it among his late mother’s belongings. In the album’s liner notes, Coverdale says: “I had no idea my Mam had the tape…For me, to open my Mam’s trunk of personal items, 30 years after her passing, was a gift from Heaven.” The collection also features several demos Coverdale recorded while working on songs for Deep Purple’s 1974 album Stormbringer.

The Purple Album: Special Gold Edition 2-CD/Blu-ray track listing:

CD One:

2023 Remix

01. Burn
02. Lay Down, Stay Down
03. Love Child
04. Holy Man
05. The Gypsy
06. Lady Double Dealer
07. Might Just Take Your Life
08. Mistreated
09. Stormbringer
10. Sail Away (Interpolating “Elegy For Jon”)
11. You Keep On Moving – featuring the Hook City Strings
12. Lady Luck
13. Coming Home
14. You Fool No One (Interpolating “Itchy Fingers”) Dedicated in loving memory to Jeff Beck
15. Soldier Of Fortune

CD Two:

The Purple Tour Five Live

01. Burn
02. The Gypsy
03. Mistreated
04. You Fool No One
05. Soldier Of Fortune

Alternative Mixes

06. Holy Man (Unzipped) *
07. Stormbringer (Punch In The Nuts Mix) *
08. Love Child (Alternate Mix) *
09. Soldier Of Fortune – featuring Joel Hoekstra & The Hook City Strings *
10. Soldier Of Fortune – featuring The Hook City Strings *
11. Soldier Of Fortune (Instrumental) – featuring The Hook City Strings *

The 1972 DC Purple Audition Tape Featuring The Fabulosa Brothers

12. Everybody’s Talkin’ *
13. Get Ready *
14. Lonely Town, Lonely Street *
15. Dancing In The Street *
16. 1974 DC Demo Ideas For The Stormbringer Album *


Purple Music Videos

01. Lady Double Dealer
02. Stormbringer
03. Sail Away
04. Soldier Of Fortune
05. The Gypsy
06. Soldier Of Fortune – featuring Joel Hoekstra & The Hook City Strings*
07. Soldier Of Fortune – featuring The Hook City Strings*

Purplesnake Videos

08. Lay Down, Stay Down*
09. Holy Man*
10. You Keep On Moving*
11. You Fool No One*

Live Clips

12. Burn – Live “Atlantis” Video
13. Burn/Stormbringer – Live In The Still Of The Night
14. Soldier Of Fortune – Starkers In Tokyo

The Purple Tour Five Live

15. Burn
16. The Gypsy
17. Mistreated
18. You Fool No One
19. Soldier Of Fortune
20. The Purple Album: Behind The Scenes*
21. The Purple Album: Song-By-Song*

* Previously unreleased

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An exciting addition to the upcoming collection is the four-song demo Coverdale submitted to Deep Purple, hoping to become the band's next singer.

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Drummer Brian Tichy, bassist Michael Devin and guitarist Doug Aldrich are all former members of Whitesnake.

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