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Saxon Releases Video For UFO Inspired “There’s Something In Roswell”

Saxon 2024

Saxon 2024

Saxon has released the official music video for “There’s Something In Roswell,” the latest offering from their upcoming Hell, Fire And Damnation album.

“There’s Something In Roswell” is about the enigmatic events surrounding the 1947 crash of an assumed Army weather balloon in Roswell, New Mexico – also known as “The Roswell incident.”

“It’s such a great story. It’s been around for years and years, and it’s just what the song says: there must be something in Roswell because there’s too much hoorah about it still,” lead singer and founding member Biff Byford explains. “I like the tune as well, I think it harks back to ‘80s Saxon musically, a really good bridge between the classic ‘Dallas 1 PM’ era and Saxon 2023.”

Hell, Fire And Damnation is set for release January 19, 2024 via Silver Lining Music.

Saxon Hell Fire Damnation

Hell, Fire And Damnation track list:

01. The Prophecy
02. Hell, Fire And Damnation
03. Madame Guillotine
04. Fire And Steel
05. There’s Something In Roswell
06. Kubla Khan And The Merchant Of Venice
07. Pirates Of The Airwaves
08. 1066
09. Witches Of Salem
10. Super Charger

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