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Remembering Jesse Jane

Remembering Jesse Jane

Thursday morning my phone was going crazy with notifications. That’s usually a sign something terrible has happened and this day proved no different. With slight hesitation I opened the first message and saw a link to a post from TMZ: “PORN STAR JESSE JANE DEAD AT 43 AFTER APPARENT OD.

I didn’t want to believe it.

My interview with Jesse Jane in 2003 to promote her first-ever adult film, No Limits, would be the catalyst for our friendship.

In 2004, Jesse Jane was announced as Rock Confidential’s Sex Editor. In a column titled “Ask Jesse,” she offered sex and relationship advice to fans who submitted questions via email. Her column would go on to run online and in Rock Confidential magazine until 2012.

Jesse was always on. Her electric personality was infectious.

She was gracious and loved her fans.

Jesse was smart. Ambitious.

Jesse Jane was a huge part of Rock Confidential for nearly a decade. Knowing her, especially during that time, will always be a cherished memory.

Jesse Jane embraced life. She loved life. That is how I will always remember her.

My condolences to her son, her family and friends.

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