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Ozzy Osbourne To Undergo A Fourth Surgery

The legendary Black Sabbath frontman is also scheduled to get an epidural injection.

Ozzy Osbourne offered an update on his health in the first episode of the newly revived “The Osbournes” podcast. The 74-year-old singer revealed that he will need to undergo a fourth operation as well as get an epidural injection.

Ozzy said: “My lower back is, I’m going for an epidural soon because what’s happening, what they’ve discovered is the neck has been fixed, below the neck there’s two disintegrated vertebrae, there’s nothing left of ’em.”

After Ozzy’s son Jack asked, “Are they fusing discs?”, Ozzy replied, “I don’t know what the fuck they’re doing”. Ozzy’s wife and manager Sharon then said that she wasn’t sure about the technical term.

“All I know is right now, I’m in a lot of pain, I’m in a lot of discomfort,” Ozzy continued.

Ozzy and Sharon confirmed that this will be “surgery number four” for the legendary vocalist, who expressed optimism about the upcoming procedure.

“I said to the doctor yesterday, you know what I’ve heard, which I have, people have discs replaced that are worked on and they become the strongest things in the bone,” he said. But Sharon clarified that the doctor said they don’t know if the surgery will work or not.

Ozzy also explained why he has always walked in a way that sees his head lead his body, saying: “In my back, the two discs, and the muscles on my shoulders have separated from my skeleton, and that’s why I lean forward as it’s like gravity is bringing my head forward.”

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