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Mushroomhead Pre-Packaged video

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Mushroomhead Releases “Prepackaged” Video From Call The Devil Album

Mushroomhead 2024

Mushroomhead will release their upcoming album, Call The Devil, on August 9 via Napalm Records.

Following the album’s hard-hitting first single “Fall In Line,” Mushroomhead unveil the official music video for their second single “Prepackaged.” The song shines as one of the band’s heaviest new offerings, cementing their renown with massive riffs, aggressive growls and a catchy chorus.

Mushroomhead mastermind Steve “Skinny” Felton says about the new tune: “‘Prepackaged’ turned out extremely heavy, aggressive and haunting. Full of dark sonic textures. Both the video and the song are delightfully dark, foreboding and unrelentingly grim.”

Mushroomhead Call The Devil album

Call The Devil track list:

01. Eye To Eye
02. Fall In Line
03. Emptiness
04. We Don’t Care
05. UIOP (A Final Reprieve)
06. Prepackaged
07. Decomposition
08. Grand Gesture
09. Hallelucination
10. Hideous
11. Torn In Two
12. Shame In A Basket
13. Doom Goose

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