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Exclusive Interview: Jeremy Spencer From Five Finger Death Punch

Rock Confidential caught up with former Five Finger Death Punch drummer Jeremy Spencer to learn more about his erotic slasher film parody series ‘LadyKiller TV’ and how it all came together.

Jeremy Spencer

photo: Instagram @officialjeremyspencer/

Jeremy Spencer, the former drummer of hard rock outfit Five Finger Death Punch, recently announced a new project titled LadyKiller TV. LadyKiller TV is a collection of eight erotic slasher film parodies with a cast made up of some of today’s most popular adult film stars.

Spencer created, executive produced, co-directed, wrote the screenplay, provided music for the series and acts in every episode. “I’ve had this idea in my head for a long time, and it was now or never in terms of pulling the trigger and making this series happen,” he said. “When we first approached the performers about it, I was excited about the very real potential for this to be a hit – and they were as excited as I was to shoot it!”

Rock Confidential caught up with Jeremy the day of the announcement to learn more about LadyKiller TV and how it all came together.

First off – day one of the news about LadyKiller TV and you’re already being referred to as a softcore porn star. What’s your response?

Actually, it’s kind of funny to me. I knew there would be headlines of that, but to see it in print is a hoot. I prefer to be called a Horror/Erotica Star. (laughs)

I’ve gotta say, the idea to parody these classic horror films is “killer.” Tell me about the timeline, from your first ideas to the finished product.

I was on tour with my former band in Europe and I was eating breakfast with a friend who is now my business partner. I told him I wanted to do a horror movie with porn stars and we started talking about it more. He suggested that I maybe do re-creations of classic scenes as an introductory get your foot in the door type of thing. So then my mind was off to the races. I started developing a whole season immediately and whatever I warped stuff I could of think I put on paper.

Did you have specific performers you wanted to approach about starring in LadyKiller TV? How did the cast come together?

My business partner had worked in the porn industry for a decade and knew everyone. Everyone loves him, so I’d say “Who do you think we can get?” He named a few and then I started actually researching the actresses more on the business side along with watching their work of course. So I would just keep throwing out names and we kept getting the girls to sign up. Pretty soon, we had an all-star cast of some of the industry’s top performers.

These scenes are perfectly bloody, campy, sexy and funny – a great combo for 1980’s style horror movies and porn parodies. Is this your first take at writing an adult screenplay? Would you say you had fun writing the scenes or was any of it a challenge?

I grew up watching all the 80’s campy horror stuff along with serious classics, so I loved it all. There are so many franchises to pull from that it was easy to get started. I just kind used things that had girls in them like The Exorcist, Psycho, Halloween. I would take some of the classic scenes and parody them, but mostly I just made up everything in my tortured mind. (laughs) So it’s pretty much new movies for those franchises, but done with hot and steamy simulated sex scenes and lots of gore. How horror really always has been, it’s just that the sex scenes are a bit longer than in the originals – the way most horror fans probably would have wanted in the mainstream original movies back in the day.

The trailer looks amazing with a lot of attention to detail that fans of the originals will love. How involved were you in set design, costumes, makeup and effects?

I hired the best people in town from referrals and let them do their magic. I would give them certain things I wanted, but they mostly got what I was going for and were so into it that they just created magic.

Did anything take you by surprise as this project came together?

Just how fun it was to do this everyday with such supportive and positive groups of good-hearted people. It was tiring, but to me it’s an amazing job and a lucrative business that I love very much. I prefer being my own boss and I get to do anything and everything I envision since I created it. I’m just fortunate to have a fantastic team to build this with.

Who are some of the porn stars you remember first watching when you were younger?

Ginger Lynn was the first. Loved her. I’m hoping to get her involved in LadyKiller TV.

Who are some of your favorite porn stars now?

Most that I’ve met or worked with have been great. I’m actually friends with quite a few.

Is LadyKiller TV something you would have done had you still been in Five Finger Death Punch?

I was mainly just focused on doing my job in the band when I was in the band.

Will LadyKiller TV continue beyond this series of parodies?

Yes, LadyKiller has Season 2 written and ready to start shooting.

Any other projects you have coming up?

I do have another project that I’m extremely excited about that will be announced soon.

Watch a clip of Tori Black talking about her experiences with LadyKiller TV.

The first season of Lady Killer TV stars porn star hotties Tori Black, Nicole Aniston, Nikki Benz, Reya Sunshine, Adriana Chechik, Abella Danger, Jynx Maze, Abigail Mac and Mia Malkova.

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