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Exclusive Interview: Coco aka Nicole Austin

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What have you been up to? What’s going on in Coco’s world?

I haven’t really focused on my modeling for the past six years. I used to work for Playboy and as a fitness model. When I met my husband, Ice-T, I got on board with him. He needed business help from me so I stopped doing what I was doing. Modeling is more of a hobby; it’s not work. I came out with this hairbrained idea last year to put out an exotic car calendar. The floodgates opened up after that. I got calls to do magazine after magazine and that really opened up a whole other side to my career. I just did another calendar that’s the “best of” Coco.
I’m doing a reality show called “Hot Coco On Ice.” Ryan Seacrest’s production company has been trying to get me to do a show for the last year. I told them to came up with a good idea and not just some corny, cheesy walk-around with a camera in my face. They came up with an idea of Ice and I having a relationship advice show in a studio audience atmosphere. We’ve been working on that.
I’m doing a book with Ice called “Beauty and the Beast.” It’s a relationship book. I think people are curious about our relationship. Some people just watch us and see how we are together because we are so opposite of each other. You’ve got a blonde valley girl from California and a hardcore gangsta guy. How do we even go together? How is that possible? In reality we are very similar.

I can tell when I see you both out together and the way you act with each other that it’s a perfect combination.

When you first hear about us it’s like, “What?” Then you spend about five minutes with us and you just know. We’re exactly the same. We’re so compatible. We’ve worked with each other for seven years straight. We get up in the morning, work on the set together, go to bed – we’re pretty boring for the most part! That’s why we’re writing a book and doing the tv show. We’ve been able to pull this all off and do it under the spotlight. Celebrity couples really don’t last six months. We’re like an old couple, really! Seven years is a long time. Things are going smoothly.
People should know that it’s Ice’s career before mine. I’m not really focused on my career. It just happens to fall in place and luckily people like me. If people don’t like you, you won’t have a career for long.

It’s cool because you’re working together on both careers.

You have to be each other’s fans right away. I have to love everything Ice is doing. If I don’t understand it I’ll come to like it. I might not understand the music he’s doing. He has a rock band and he’s a rapper. I may not understand it but if you love someone you’ll learn about what they do and then you’ll become to like it. Then you become their number one fan. He may not know a lot about modeling but he sees how I love doing it and he becomes my number one fan. You have to love what each other does.

Talk about working together, you were just on Law & Order with Ice.

Yeah! I shot it in the summertime. It’s an ultimate fighting episode. The guy that wins the fight in the beginning is Forrest Griffin and I’m his golddigger wife. It’s definitely one of those hardcore golddigger chicks, but I think it’s a funny part. It’s not a huge part but Law & Order has been trying to write me in for so long. I didn’t really want to work for Law & Order because I’m on the set every single day. I have an office on the set with Ice. When he goes to work on the set I have my office here, too. All of these people are my friends. I’ve really seen them get serious on the set – throwing furniture – they don’t mess around! I’d much rather be away from that! I told them if they could think up a good part that I’d come in on it. It’s really cool because Ice gets to interrogate me! They wrote me in on this part and it’s finally out three months later!
I was actually on Law & Order four years ago. I played a porn star. It was supposed to be a funny part. I was supposed to walk on a porn set with my midget boyfriend. People didn’t get the joke! They thought the little midget guy was my son. It was weird. That episode is still being shown all the time in reruns.

Let’s talk a little bit about your new calendar. It’s like a Coco Greatest Hits, right?

Yes! I did 30 magazine covers this year. I went from not doing any modeling except for what was on my website,, to 30 covers in one year! I wasn’t going to do a calendar and Ice had an idea to take all the shoots I did this year and incorporate them into a calendar. I picked 12 magazines from the 30 and there you go! I’m really excited. I think this is a lot better than last year’s.
Also, if someone has missed a magazine that I’ve been in they can buy the calendar and any layout that you’re looking for is in this calendar. That way you won’t have to try and find a magazine that may have come out a year ago.

I have seen reactions from the shoot you did for Smooth like I’ve never seen before. The cover shot alone was responsible for a lot of twisted necks and unbelievable reactions.

That’s cool to know! I’m the first white girl to be on the cover of Smooth. Urban magazines are always funny about putting another ethnicity on the cover. That’s not the group of people that buy the magazine. I am in the urban/hip-hop eye. They didn’t know how it was going to do. I was the number one selling magazine to date! They took a risk of putting me on the cover of the magazine because I was white and what do you know – I sold out the first week. I was pretty proud of myself. I hate when people look down and say, “I don’t know if we can do this because…” I just proved them wrong. They’re even talking about doing another one next year. Hopefully I can top off that first issue. When I hit that pose everybody knew that was the cover. Ice says that he likes that shape on me and he’s never seen anybody in that position make that shape. I have a unique butt and I think I have a really small waist. When I hit a certain pose some people don’t think it’s real. All of my pictures are me.
I don’t want to do every magazine and everything that’s available to me. I want to pick and choose.

Just to satisfy everybody’s curiosity, what are your measurements?

39 – 22 – 40. Those are my measurements at this time. I fluctuate every week. I go to the gym a lot so I build muscle really fast. That’s where I get my thickness from. I think people should know that I’m a fitness competitor. When I was younger I won the Miss Ujena Fitness Competition in 1997. That was probably the hardest thing I’ve ever done in my life, physically as well as mentally. Gaining respect as a fitness champion, I could do other stuff with my life. I think because I’m naturally stocky and have natural muscle tone – I get it from my dad, by the way – I don’t really have to do much. When I go to the gym I just make it better. The unique part is my butt so I make that work.

Since your butt is so unique would you consider it the thing on your body that you’re most proud of?

Yeah, I think so. I also like my back. I have a muscular back and it’s really cool to look at. It looks like an animal! You don’t really see a butt like mine on a white girl. I’m standing for the healthy girls, not the anorexic looking girls. Even if I try hard to get that skinny I could never do it. I’m just working with what I was born with. If you look at Playboy there is a bunch of tall, blonde girls with big boobs. That’s all there is. I’m a little thicker than them.

You mentioned your website earlier. Tell me more about it and what your fans can find there.

I’m excited to say that I’m relaunching this month. You can read up about me, keep up with any current events, I have personal photos on there, a red carpet section where you can see me with celebrities, and my private area which is more of a Playboy style gallery with nudity. My new site is going to be upgraded, a lot faster and you’ll be able to see more videos. My theater area is pretty hot. Ice produces it himself. He puts a lot of effort into it. Between the two of us we have a pretty hot site at the end of the day.

Looking back on your career, what’s been the highlight so far?

I’m pretty much living my dream right now. I’m living what everybody thinks is the high life. There is so much going on in my life that there’s too many things to just name one. The hardest thing was the fitness competition. I was 18 years old. The person that put me in told me not to even think I was going to win the first year. They told me it would take three or four years to get into a groove. I was young and just wanted to compete. In my first year I competed and won. That was a great highlight. I’m about living my life right now. I’m working on a fitness video. Hopefully I’ll be able to help people out with their butts! I don’t have a huge, super secret but I think I can help some people out.

Coco, all the luck in the world with your new calendar and your career. What would you like to say to your fans?

There’s so much hate out there. All of the emails I get from fans, I try to get back to them all each and every day. I feel like if somebody comes to me then they have some love for me. They’re looking for some comment back. I try to write to each one of them. It’s hard to get to everybody and it does take some time but I do appreciate it. I need the people that stand by me. The haters can get to you and make you not want to leave your home, but I know there are people out there that like me. Hopefully you’ll never get sick of me. I want to thank everybody for all the love I get. I put all of my heart and soul into this.