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Exclusive Interview: Bobby Blotzer From Ratt

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When was the last time you saw Robbin (Crosby)?

Last time I saw Robbin was Christmas Eve, but I spoke to Robbin on the phone quiet a bit. He was getting his new place and getting situated, and I was gonna go down there and have dinner with him. I was actually waiting for him to call me when he got settled. We speak all the time, Robbin and I…or spoke all the time, I should say.

How will you remember Robbin?

I remember the good days and the good things about him. He was a good person; his kind heartedness; his love for music. He was just an overall good guy. He’ll always be in my heart forever.

Did Robbin’s passing make you re-evaluate your life? Do you think this will bring you and Stephen Pearcy to speaking terms?

When anybody you love that’s close to you dies, it makes you re-evaluate to some degree. Your relationships with your family and your friends – it just makes you look at it a little closer and a lot more dear to heart. It makes you realize your own mortality. We’re all dyin’…it’s a matter of who goes first and how long you’re here. I want to be golfing ’til I’m 95! I’m gonna rock ’til I’m 65 and golf ’til I’m 95!

As far as Stephen goes, maybe at some point we could do something, but he would have to do a major…and I’m talking major life change personality change. He’s got so many problems – we’ve all got problems – but his problems really affect the performance of the band and the business workings of this band. I could never deal with that again. I’ll never say never, but he’ll have to do a lot of changing!

What about Jizzy Pearl and John Corabi? Any plans for a new CD?

Oh, absolutely! The only reason we have not done that is because we were going through the court thing for almost two years. We just won the case, what was it, like April 8 or something. We were in trial for a month. Now we can go in and get the damages. That was supposed to go in today, but the judge made it for this next Friday coming up. Really, until we had the pink slip we didn’t want to drive the car. Now we have the pink slip and we’re gonna drive the car. There’s no reason to try and enter into a record deal when we were in litigation. We will finish this tour and we’ll come back and start working on a record. There will definitely be a record out in the Spring.

Have you had any offers from record labels?

We have offers from different labels. That really is not even a problem. The problem was, we knew we were gonna win, but you never know. We strongly felt and were pretty damn sure we were gonna win. We didn’t want to be recording for Stephen Pearcy or something. We all have songs written and we will start working those up. It’s been a painstaking thing to have this thing together for two years and not record. And I know people think, “What the hell are they doing?”, but they’ve got to realize we had to get through that mess. It’s not like we don’t have songs and we can’t put new songs out. We had to get through this. It’s all coming.

What’s up with Dokken? I know John Norum has left the group.

Nothing I want to comment on. We’ll have to leave it at that.

How was your relationship with Portrait Records?

I appreciated John Kalodner’s love for the band and the time he spent working on that record. I think there was an uphill battle being fought with a couple of directions on that record. The label was so new that Sony was only allotting a certain amount of money, for promotions and what-not. Even in signing us…the deal we signed – Our normal deal would be half a million dollars a record, so it was less than half that. That’s was cool with me because I don’t want to spend money like we used to on records and have to pay that back in sales. I’d rather spend the minimal amount on an album and get into the black a hell of a lot quicker. Stephen was not helping matters with them. He was just pissing everybody off at the label. Just doing stupid shit. That was aggravating. We were getting calls for the label saying, “You guys better do something or we’re gonna drop the project!” It amazed me to be in that position at our age. It was like, “Dude, grow up man!”

Who is someone you would like to tour with?

Anybody that golfs! I love to golf while I’m on tour!

You should hit up Alice Cooper!

We were actually in Europe with him last year at this time. I have played golf with Alice several times. He’s a great player. Very fun to play with.

Did he beat your ass?

He did that! But I’ve got a lot better, so…he’s still better than me but I’d give him a run for his money!

What do you consider the pinnacle of success?

I always said that being successful is paying your bills and making a living. But I would have to sum it up…To me, the pinnacle of success was buying my mom and house and a car, taking care of my family and friends. Just making a living playing rock ‘n roll is success to me. When we were starting out, there were bands – their longevity was five, six, seven, eight years. I’ve been in Ratt for 20 years!

Name a highlight from your career so far.

We started our ‘89 tour in Japan at the Tokyo Dome. We did two shows – Bon Jovi and us. Then we did three on our own, a total of five shows, and we got paid a million and a half bucks! That was pretty pinnacle!

What was the worst show you can remember?

One we did at our hometown, here in ‘85, August of ‘85. We were playing at Irvine Meadows here in California with Bon Jovi opening. We had 18,500 people there. Our huge homecoming show and the power went out! Five songs into our set, for like an hour there was no power! Really stressful when you’re up there and that shit happens!

What’s the most significant thing you’ve learned lately?

Don’t trust anybody! That’s what I’ve learned lately. I don’t want to elaborate on that, but DON’T TRUST ANYBODY!

Any final words for Rock Confidential and the readers?

No, not really! Just enjoy life. Rock on. Life is short, enjoy it while you’re here! That’s all I can say. We’ll see you all soon!

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