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Angel Dreaming Is The February Penthouse Pet Of The Month

Angel Dreaming Penthouse

Penthouse magazine has officially announced social media star Angel Dreaming as its Pet Of The Month for February 2024.

Angel appears on the cover of the January/February issue of the magazine sporting a glimmering string bikini and her signature Penthouse key necklace.

“I decided to model for Penthouse to experience that once-in-a-lifetime honor of becoming a Penthouse Pet,” Dreaming shared. “I’ve always felt very comfortable in my body and expressing my sexuality. To be part of something so amazing is an honor.”

“Shooting Angel was a dream come true. Her outgoing and bubbly personality was infectious, and the entire set was buzzing with her sexy energy,” noted Penthouse photo editor Sam Phillips. “What I love about Angel (besides her overall aura) is she’s so interesting and diverse. She’s a secret singer, an aspiring actress, a former CNA, and has experienced extraordinary paranormal encounters in her life. Her stories are fascinating!”

Angel Dreaming Penthouse cover

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