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Iconic Marketing & PR – What Can We Learn From Mariah Carey?

I was home on New Year’s Eve. Even if I wasn’t, I would have been tuning into Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve With Ryan Seacrest after reading my friend Shabooty Bieber’s post on Facebook about what a fiasco Mariah Carey’s performance was. Shabooty is three hours ahead, so I had to wait to see exactly what happened.

Many thought Mariah was drunk and/or high. Maybe she forgot the lyrics. We don’t know exactly what happened. But, what I and millions of others around the world saw was her missing and not even singing in many parts, her talking to the audience about bizarre things, and her dancers/bodyguards having to keep her upright and balanced. She blamed it on technical difficulties and the sound being jacked up. And, the balance issues could have been the towering high heels she was wearing and the wind blowing. She probably could have handled it better on stage, but what happened after she got off stage was where she went wrong.

Immediately, Mariah began to point fingers and vilify the show, Ryan Seacrest and anyone involved. Should you address the issue when something like this happens? Yes and no. It depends how you’re going to handle it. She could have just gone on social media and said she was sorry how everything went down and next time she’s on the show, it will be better than ever. Yes, the high road will always make you look good. But, the fact the she handled it so poorly made many wonder was she in fact high or drunk and if she’s not a good person to talk to people this way. It would have been better for her to say nothing.

What happened next was the most puzzling. She posted a pic on social media to try and distract people from the situation. That would have been great, if she was looking hot in a bathing suit in a jacuzzi surrounded by snow. But, what she looked like was disheveled with her swimsuit hanging of her shoulder and possibly drunk or high again. One site even ran an old pic she took a year or so ago in the same scenario, looking hot and fit. Another bad move on Mariah’s part.

My thought was where was her publicist? This the person who should be helping her out of a jam like this and advising you before taking on something like this publicly. Maybe, her publicist was there and told her to do it or just stood by idly. If that’s the case, they need to be replaced. A good publicist will help you with damage control and take the reins for you. Her image is tarnished and it will take longer for people to forget the original incident, and now how she handled it. The best thing she can do now is to be silent.

We’re experts in damage control and help our clients with situations like this and even more serious ones. If you are looking for an adult or mainstream publicist, we’re here to help. Just email us at


Born in NYC and with an East Coast attitude to match, Erika Icon is one of the feistiest women in the adult industry with 10+ years of experience. In 2008, Icon started her own firm, The Rub PR, the full-service adult PR agency working with the top studios, companies, and performers. Prior to working in adult, she worked for six years as an Art Director and Copywriter for well-respected advertising agencies in Los Angeles.

Icon has helped her promote her clients and their brands effectively, and brought them into the mainstream arena. In 2014, Icon got her client Kimber James cast on E! Entertainment’s “Botched” and even appeared with her on the show. The Rub PR’s clients have appeared in numerous mainstream TV and movies, in addition to interviewed by Cosmo, Cosmo Latina, Elle, Refinery29, Vice, Playboy, The Daily Beast and many more.

In November of 2011, Icon was XBIZ’s WIA (Woman in Adult). Over the past six years, she’s garnered three nominations from the Fame Registry for Publicist of the Year, a 2014 XBIZ Awards nomination for Marketing Campaign of the Year, two AVN Awards nominations in 2015 and 2017 for Outstanding Marketing Campaign, and a 2015 Inked Awards nom for The Bill Snyder Achievement Award.

Icon has been interviewed by Cosmo for an article entitled “What It’s Really Like to Be a PR for Porn Stars”, in addition to interviewing with PR Week for their Sex Issue and the Wall Street Journal about her social media expertise. She writes monthly blogs for XCritic and Rock Confidential about the industry and public relations.

For more about The Rub PR, visit

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