Watch Long-Lost Footage Of One Of Nirvana’s Earliest Gigs

I remember walking into the local Radio Shack in the late 80s. I was fascinated with remote controlled anything and those little traffic lights that blinked on and off.

Imagine walking into a Radio Shack in 1988 and watching/hearing Ted Ed Fred, the band that would later become Nirvana.

I would have walked out, but it’s cool seeing footage from this band in its infancy.

Hey look, they like those traffic lights, too.

From the video uploader, Mike Ziegler:

Previously unseen in its entirety… Thanks to the filmer, Radio Shack, and Dana Bong for the additional camera work. If you happen have a Nirvana tape that you recorded that has been sitting in a closet/attic/basement for 25+ years, let me know. Happy to help get it properly archived and shared with the world.

Some people seem to be confused to what this is… Here’s a brief history lesson. The day before, on January 23rd, 1988, Nirvana (Ted Ed Fred at the time) recorded their first proper studio demo with Jack Endino at Reciprocal Recording Studios in Seattle, WA.

The demo and this video feature Dale Crover (of Melvins fame) on drums. Following the studio session on the 23rd, later that evening they played a live show at the Community World Theater in Tacoma, WA (if you pay close attention to this video, you can see footage of that show on the TV screens in the background).

So fast forward to the next day and here are Nirvana at Radio Shack making a music video of sorts. The music that is being lip synced was the demo made the day before (with “live” drums).

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