Watch Former Accept Guitarist Herman Frank’s ‘Ballhog Zone’ Video

Introducing Herman Frank to metal fans is like carrying coals to Newcastle. The guitarist has had a lasting impact on the scene with acts such as Accept and Victory, among others. Since 2010, Herman Frank has also released solo albums, the initial project-like nature of this venture having turned into a real band in due course. Following Loyal To None and Right In The Guts (both re-released with bonus tracks in September on AFM), the eagerly awaited third album by the guitarist from Hanover will see the light of day on November 18.

Watch the new video for “Ballhog Zone,” taken from the upcoming album The Devil Rides Out.


The Devil Rides Out track listing:

01. Running Back
02. Shout
03. Can’t Take It
04. No Tears In Heaven
05. Ballhog Zone
06. Run Boy Run
07. Thunder Of Madness
08. License To Kill
09. Stone Cold
10. Dead Or Alive
11. Run For Cover
12. I Want It All
13. You Don’t Know (bonus track)

Vocalist Rick Altzi (Masterplan) continues to be part of the line-up, complemented by erstwhile Rage drummer André Hilgers and Jaded Heart bassist Michael Müller.