Video Premiere: Pruno – ‘Shine On’

Rock Confidential is proud to premiere the new video from Pruno, “Shine On.”

Soon to be sharing the stage with the Moonshine Bandits in cities across the country, it’s time for the world to hear the story of a wild journey that illustrates the life of Josh “Pruno” Gamble.

Raised by his grandparents in Los Banos, CA, Pruno found comfort in an otherwise hectic life by listening to music. His love for the art of rhyme helped him get through the tough years of adolescence but as he got older he turned to the streets where he was surrounded by crime, drug sales and addiction. Gamble later found himself trapped behind the walls of a state prison and had to learn things the hard way.

Having time to focus behind bars, Josh realized his true purpose in life was to focus on music. His pain would be translated through songwriting which gave him an outlet to express his feelings through music.

In anticipation of the video premiere for “Shine On,” we caught up with Pruno to hear more of his inspiring story and celebrate the positive direction of his life and career.

How did you hook up with the Moonshine Bandits and what is it about the Shiner Nation that’s so appealing?

Well, I’ve known the bandits for over a decade. We are all from a small town so you know who’s who and who’s doing what and we hooked up through mutual musicians and friends and eventually collaborated on a few records. We’ve been tight ever since! The Shiner Nation is just a great group of hard working, blue collar people. My kind of people. The love they have shown me is just amazing. We are all one big Shiner family and what appeals to me the most is their family loyalty!

Who are some of your musical influences?

I love classic rock, country and of course West Coast rap, also old school hip hop. A lot of my influences were from CCR, Eagles, Guns N Roses and Johnny Cash, all the way to Rehab with Danny Boone, Sublime, and a lot of Outkast and 2Pac. But it all started with my first Beastie Boys cassette tape, and at that point I knew rhyming would be my life.

Your music is about having a good time but you also encourage responsibility. Will you please share your story and why you decided it was time to make a change in how you were living your life?

I came from a broken home in a trailer park with a lot of drug addicts, bikers, and a few undesirable people on this planet. I was living a hard life and I’ve been on a long run being stuck in addiction, but I loved music and I know if I could find a way out to get back to the music I could change my life. I got out of prison, jumped immediately on a song with the Moonshine Bandits and back on stage. I decided I didn’t want to go back to that life ever again and from that day forward, music became my fuel to live life in a positive direction.

Do you write music around lyrics, does the music inspire lyrics – or a little of both?

I love beats, I love bass, I love the old school 808 and 510 pounding hard. Once I hear that kick and that beat I start writing so I like to build my music from scratch from the beat up and let the lyrics float to the music.

What do you look to for lyrical inspiration?

Life inspires me. I have a family and a beautiful woman that fuels me to succeed. My life experiences and my drive to create a positive life for myself and family are an inspiration. My life behind the walls and the things I learned when I was locked up also inspire my lyrics. I want to be 100% real when I deliver my songs. I want people to see that the underdog can win. I’m living proof.

What has been the most exciting part about your career so far?

Being on tour with the Bandits visiting different locations and the beauties of different states all across America. I’ve got to see so much already, places like Sturgis and the history of Deadwood all the way back to the world famous and haunted museum club in Arizona. It’s awesome being on the road, and meet all these new fans and Shiners and family. It’s just been a great experience and words cannot express how it feels to get on and off that bus every day in a different time zone to rock another stage.

Tell me about your upcoming tour with The Moonshine Bandits and what fans can expect from your live show.

I’m so excited to come out on the road with these boys and I get to do a bigger set which allows me to share a little more music with a lot of my family and friends out there on the road. My trailer heads are pumped up, I’m pumped up to be out there, and I do plan on doing a few new songs from the new record that I’m working on. Fans can expect an explosive show and I will give them all I got and leave them wanting more! I love being on the road with the Moonshine Bandits and can’t wait to rock.

What do you hope people take away from your music?

What I’d really like people to take from my music is that we all have ups and downs all around life. Some of us have been in trouble with the law and some of us have just been in trouble. But the bottom line is we can all change, there’s a positive way of life, there’s a positive way of living and we can all make it happen. It just takes focus and a little effort and everyone can live a positive life.

Read more about the Moonshine Bandits tour and see all the dates here.

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