Trivium Premieres ‘Beyond Oblivion’ Video

Trivium’s video for the song “Beyond Oblivion” is taken from the band’s eighth album, The Sin And The Sentence, which arrived last October via Roadrunner.

Trivium bassist Paolo Gregoletto told TeamRock about the song: “Corey [Beaulieu, guitar] was scrolling through his TV guide and he saw the phrase ‘Beyond Oblivion’ on a show, and wrote it down. I felt like I could make that work for a chorus, so I had to think of a theme of what that would be. I was listening to a bunch of podcasts about artificial intelligence, but they were comparing the idea of the coming technology to the atomic bomb — of how we created this incredibly immense, dangerous world-destructing thing in a moment when no one was really thinking of the implications. The song was viewing it from the perspective of someone that creates this sort of technology and comes to view it for what it is.”