Nickelback Delivers Haunting Video For ‘Song On Fire’

“Song On Fire” is taken from Nickelback’s ninth album, Feed The Machine, which will be released on Friday, June 16 via BMG.

“As we were working on this song, a very personal one for me, we all instantly connected to it on different levels through our own experiences,” said the band’s lead singer, Chad Kroeger. “Everyone has a need to love or be loved and we’ve all been hurt or felt loss. It’s about your heart yearning for something that your rational mind knows is impossible to hold on to. There is a universally, haunting finality to losing love and we found ‘our protagonist’ in this song trying to reclaim it; but not knowing where to begin or that it might ultimately be in vain.”

The video for “Song On Fire” explores these concepts further by telling a heartwarming tale of love prevailing. Interspersed throughout footage of the band performing, the video follows the story of a woman lost in the woods. The woods serve as a metaphor for the woman’s struggle to find herself as well as her way back home. Phantoms from the woman’s life try to point her in the right direction as an unknown man struggles to find and reach out to her. Unfortunately, the woman continuously slips through his fingers, driven in the opposite direction by an ominous hooded figure dressed in black. When all hope seems to be lost, a final act of love and devotion is able to break her free. As the woman comes back to reality it is revealed that the she was fighting for her life in the hospital – the phantoms her family and the unknown man her devoted husband.

Feed The Machine track listing:

01. Feed The Machine
02. Coin For The Ferryman
03. Song On Fire
04. Must Be Nice
05. After The Rain
06. For The River
07. Home
08. The Betrayal (Act III)
09. Silent Majority
10. Every Time We’re Together
11. The Betrayal (Act I)

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