Exclusive: Moonshine Bandits Premiere ‘Elvis’ Video

Moonshine Bandits Gold Rush Elvis Video
photo by Phil Emerson

Backwoods bravado, patriot’s pride, country soul, keg-thumping beats — these are the qualities that Moonshine Bandits have championed since they began their journey. Armed with a hybrid arsenal of country and hip hop fusion, the California duo of Dusty ‘Tex’ Dahlgren and Brett ‘Bird’ Brooks are back with the grittiest, spirited and distinctly grass-roots release of their sixteen year campaign of musical badassery – Gold Rush.

Tex and Bird describe the Gold Rush album as homage not only to the band’s career journey but also, and profoundly, “a journey about the people we have come in contact with. The people that inspire our songs.”

Today we’re excited to premiere the “Elvis” fan video from Moonshine Bandits.

Big Tex checked in to give us a quick update on Gold Rush and what’s going on in Shiner Nation.

Thanks for taking time out for this Tex. It’s always great to catch up with the Moonshine Bandits. How are things going?

Things are busy as hell. We just got back from being on the road playing bike festivals at Harley Davidson in the Carolinas and another Festival in Clarksville, Tennessee. Then we had photo shoots and conference calls in Nashville, then flew back home to gear up for Shinerfest. The grind doesn’t stop.

With your new album Gold Rush right around the corner, this also marks a new era for the Bandits – your own label. What’s the most challenging part about running your own label?

Finding time in between our tour schedule to make sure the marketing campaign and album release schedule stays on track for our new project.

What’s been the biggest benefit of having your own label?

Creating our own timeline. Having 100% transparency with our accounting. Controlling our own budget that the distributor provides. Calling our shots on everything.

Moonshine Bandits Gold Rush
photo by Phil Emerson

Is the label solely for Moonshine Bandits or will you be growing the roster as time goes on?

We have scouts looking at a few artists that we will probably sign. They must be humble, talented and willing to get in the trenches to grind in order for us to sign them.

From a studio in Oregon for Blacked Out or a cabin in Washington for Baptized In Bourbon, it seems the process for writing each Moonshine Bandits album is always unique. Tell me about writing Gold Rush.

We split the writing into two sessions. We worked with Mike Hartnett in Nashville for half the album. Mike produced songs that contained more instrumentation and had a more country sound. Mike is a super talented musician and did a hell of a job creating a sound that we haven’t had in the past. He brought in Nashville players for keys, slide guitar, fiddles and even accordion. Then we went to the West Coast and worked with Ty Weathers and Burn County. We wanted that true Wild West vibe with heavy-hitting drums and huge 808s. Ty has been with us for over a decade so working together comes so natural and he knows the vintage MSB sound. Gold Rush is a combination of new sounding Moonshine Bandits music with a throwback to all our old albums as well. The album rocks.

We’re premiering the video for “Elvis.” Tell me a little about that track.

Life is about living for the moment, being spontaneous and never giving a shit what other people think. A while back we asked people to send in some crazy home made vids of themselves gettin’ loose. This one’s about bringing the inner rock star out of everyone. We wrote it when we were under the influence “on one.”

You always have killer bundles available for your albums. What are you doing special for Gold Rush?

Our bundles are at MoonshineBandits.com and nearly sold out. Everything from coasters with built in bottle openers to shot glasses to flags and metallic gold cups. The package bundles are pretty badass but only a limited amount are available. They sold faster then we expected.

Thanks for checking in Tex – anything you want to add?

Come to our two night camp out in Wilseyville, CA, known as Shinerfest. It’s all-ages with tons of bands. Long Beach Dub Allstars, Bubba Sparxxx, Nate Diaz, motocross stunts, Big Smo, Metalachi and more.

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