Listen To Acoustic ‘Lady Red Light’ From Jack Russell’s Great White

Jack Russell’s Great White will celebrate the 30th anniversary of Great White’s hit album Once Bitten with a tour and new acoustic album, Once Acoustically Bitten.

You can now preview Once Acoustically Bitten by streaming “Lady Red Light” now.

The acoustic album was scheduled for release on July 14 but has since been postponed due to production issues.

On tour since early July, the band will stay on the road through summer and into fall playing songs off their new acoustic release, the multi-platinum Once Bitten album and, on some shows, the entire Once Bitten LP from start to finish.

“The Once Bitten album for me was the album that finally put us in the musical space that I felt the band should be in,” says lead singer Jack Russell. He goes on: “We had been searching prior to that… our first album was kind of similar to Judas Priest and our second album was very keyboard heavy. The Once Bitten album hit and we all just knew this was our area, this was where we should be.

“This new acoustic record is an homage to thirty years of making music and thirty years since our first, big platinum album. Three decades later and we’re still able to go out there and sing and play for our fans. It’s a blessing.”