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John Norum Releases Trailer For New Instructional DVD

A trailer for Europe guitarist John Norum’s upcoming instructional DVD is available now.

Norum comments: “A while back I decided to make an instructional DVD for guitar fans, so I started planning it. Everything was going fine but after a while I felt that it was just getting way too technical for my personal taste. I’m more into “If a solo has feeling and fits the song and sounds good, then it IS good!”

So I decided to start over and do more of a song-oriented thing instead, where I play solos from some of my favorite songs, talk about my gear and so on. And I think it came out great!

It’s loose and fun which is what guitar playing is all about!

In the meanwhile, I had a daughter and decided to put the DVD “on ice” for a while and focus on my family and Europe who has been very busy the last couple of years with albums and touring.

But now I feel that the time is right to put this DVD out so you can see what it’s like in my crazy guitar world …ha.

I want to thank you all for your support, and I hope you will like it! Enjoy!”

Pre-orders will start soon and you can check Norum’s official website and official Facebook page for updates.