John Jansky: Blood, Paint & Cheers

An accomplished artist, John Jansky is wowing audiences everywhere with his unique style of speed painting – and that’s just the tip of the paintbrush.

Tell us about yourself.

I am an operations manager at the AutoZone distribution in Danville, Illinois. I am married and have three awesome boys. I have drawn all my life, with little to no recognition other than my family and school mates growing up.

Until recently, by accident.

I have been getting a lot of recognition for doing something called speed painting. Speed painting is performance art. I will paint the image of a person easily recognizable live on a very large canvas. It takes usually five minutes, upside down to music. Sometimes I paint on stage live with bands and sometimes I paint solo with pre-recorded tracks. I have also stirred up interest with my art by drawing in various mediums such as sugar, chocolate, chicken sauce, blood, cookies and much more. I do live performances, magic, commissioned pieces and I am a trained tattoo artist.

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