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Jackyl – ROWYCO


Track Listing:
All Night Rodeo
Ahead of My Time
Just Because I’m Drunk
Everyone’s A Winner
Hammer To The Head
Blast Off


You know what you’re getting with Jackyl. Period. Live or in the studio, these guys always deliver 110%. Their latest album, ROWYCO, is perhaps the thickest, greasiest slab of music they’ve ever served. As soon as you push play and hear the opening notes of “Disasterpiece” you know this is gonna rock – maybe heavier than any Jackyl record has ever rocked. Sonically, ROWYCO is a little different but all the things you’d expect are still there – fun, hard n’ heavy, shit-kickin’, raunchy, beer-drinkin’, rock n’ roll. There’s even a countrified booze ballad called “Just Because I’m Drunk” for all you sober-challenged types. Jackyl’s version of Hot Chocolate’s “Every 1’s A Winner” stays faithful to the original and finds the band in a slow relaxed groove that really works. You can almost mentally picture frontman Jesse James Dupree doing the “White Boy Boogie” when you hear album closer “Blast Off.” ROWYCO is a fun listen from start to finish and a highlight in Jackyl’s 20+ year career. Rock Out With Your Cock Out!

Jackyl - ROWYCO
Rock Confidential Review
  • Label: Mighty Loud
  • Released: August 5, 2016
  • Purchase: Amazon
4.0Out Of 5