Rock On The Rise: Brandon Fields

Brandon Fields is a rock music singer/songwriter from Knoxville, TN who has released two musical projects, 2015's "Tired Of Trying" EP and last year's "L.A.'s Finest."

Rock On The Rise: Hyperdose

Hyperdose is a rock band from Oklahoma City, OK. With the release of its debut EP "Impact," the band is moving with lightning speed in the world of hard rock.

Rock On The Rise Interview: Madame Mayhem

Madame Mayhem is certainly a commanding figure. Dig a bit deeper, and you will discover that some of rock and metal's most respected names played a part in her full-length album, "Now You Know." We caught up with Mayhem to talk about the new record and her budding career.

Rock On The Rise Interview: bree

A ravishing red head who rocks a Gibson Flying V, bree’s story is like her - anything but ordinary. Growing up in a religious cult — which her father actually led — the Nashville-based femme-fatale faced... More...

Rock On The Rise Interview: Queen V

The rock world can now bow down to Queen V with the release of The Decade Of Queen V. Filled with one blistering hard rocker after another, featuring the tough yet soulful, passionate and empowered vocal... More...