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Iconic Marketing & PR – Perception vs. Reality


We all know there is reality, and then there’s perception. Reality is the state of things or how they exist. Perception is how a person perceives or interpret things, and might not always be rooted in reality. Many times, a person’s reality can become skewed by perception—this means they can perceive a situation (or a person) for something it’s not really. This can cause a lot of problems for rock stars, adult performers, actors and others in the spotlight.

Let’s give a few examples to understand this better and how it can affect your reputation and potentially your career.

Let’s start with a very famous person:
In 2007, Lindsay Lohan had a problem with partying and drugs. She had a DUI and went to rehab multiple times. People thought she was out of control and she lost several movie deals. This went on for about six years. Although she has since cleaned up and has been out of the limelight, some people still perceive her as a party girl and a drug addict. Her work and popularity levels never seemed to return to where she was—this may be because of perception and/or how she prefers to live.

Here’s another about someone you’ve probably never heard of…OK, I’m kidding:
Gwen Stefani broke up with her husband after allegations of cheating with their nanny. The world felt sorry for the beautiful singer—she could have just played a victim, and the perception of her would have remained intact. But instead, she showed the world just how strong she is. She faced it head on with a smile and found someone else to love. She moved on and did it with class.

Perception is the most important thing, and to many people it is reality. The phrase image is everything applies definitely here. You should be constantly thinking about how the public perceives you, if you want to be successful. Don’t stop being yourself, but be aware of this.

If you have image issues like having a temper, a history of crime or drug use or just appearing to be crazy, you can turn all this around. First you need to decide to make the change and become a different person in public. Then, you need to hire someone to help you with image control. We’ve helped our clients with this many times, whether they come to us with an image problem or something happens while they are with us. There are also image control specialists you can hire to work with you and your publicist.

Sometimes, people will perceive you as something you’re not when you’re just being you. I have seen people on social media call porn starlets racist when they don’t do interracial scenes and then turn around and call them white trash (or worse) after they do IR scenes. These people are haters and your real fans know how you are. Ignore them and people will see you as strong, independent, leading the life you want, and ready for success.

If you need help with your image or just want to get your name out there and improve your career and image, we can help. We work with adult and mainstream clients. Just email us at


Born in NYC and with an East Coast attitude to match, Erika Icon is one of the feistiest women in the adult industry with 10+ years of experience. In 2008, Icon started her own firm, The Rub PR, the full-service adult PR agency working with the top studios, companies, and performers. Prior to working in adult, she worked for six years as an Art Director and Copywriter for well-respected advertising agencies in Los Angeles.

Icon has helped her promote her clients and their brands effectively, and brought them into the mainstream arena. In 2014, Icon got her client Kimber James cast on E! Entertainment’s “Botched” and even appeared with her on the show. The Rub PR’s clients have appeared in numerous mainstream TV and movies, in addition to interviewed by Cosmo, Cosmo Latina, Elle, Refinery29, Vice, Playboy, The Daily Beast and many more.

In November of 2011, Icon was XBIZ’s WIA (Woman in Adult). Over the past six years, she’s garnered three nominations from the Fame Registry for Publicist of the Year, a 2014 XBIZ Awards nomination for Marketing Campaign of the Year, two 2015 AVN Awards nominations for Outstanding Marketing Campaign, and a 2015 Inked Awards nom for The Bill Snyder Achievement Award.

Icon has been interviewed by Cosmo for an article entitled “What It’s Really Like to Be a PR for Porn Stars”, in addition to interviewing with PR Week for their Sex Issue and the Wall Street Journal about her social media expertise. She writes monthly blogs for XCritic and Rock Confidential about the industry and public relations.

For more about The Rub PR, visit

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