Havok Release ‘Intention To Deceive’ Video

“Intention To Deceive”, the new video from Havok, is taken from the band’s new full-length studio album, Conformicide, which will be released on March 10 via Century Media Records. The new track continues to display the band’s unwavering commitment to the indelible thrash metal ethos of diverting from the status quo and rejecting widespread corruption within the government and mainstream media.

In addition to Conformicide being released on CD, digital and streaming platforms, the album will also be available in an array of limited-edition vinyl colors.

Conformicide track listing:

01. F.P.C.
02. Hang ‘Em High
03. Dogmaniacal
04. Intention To Deceive
05. Ingsoc
06. Masterplan
07. Peace Is In Pieces
08. Claiming Certainty
09. Wake Up
10. Circling The Drain

Bonus tracks (special-edition CD):

11. String Break
12. Slaughtered

Bonus tracks (gatefold 2LP + CD):

11. String Break
12. Slaughtered
13. Claiming Certainty (Live)