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Harriet Sugarcookie Asks Her Favorite Adult Stars To Give Dating Advice

Harriet Sugarcookie, founder of popular men’s adult lifestyle site HarrietSugarcookie.com, took a trip to Las Vegas’ AVN Adult Entertainment Expo (AEE) and asked some of today’s top stars to give guys advice about the opposite sex.

In the eight-minute video clip, “Dating Advice and Pickup Artistry from Porn Stars”, Sugarcookie roams AEE’s busy showroom floor, asking her favorite performers important questions, such as: ‘Where’s the best place to pick up girls?’, ‘What kind of guys do you go for?’, ‘I want to pick you up, what do I say?’, ‘Your place or mine?’ and ‘How many dates before sex?’

For adult starlet Mia Li, “the best place to pick up a girl would be somewhere where you’re doing stuff that you love… I met my partner at a rock climbing gym because I love rock climbing. So if you have a hobby, and that person has the hobby… you already have common ground.”

Sarah Vandella, who likes to meet potential dates “at Starbucks”, is attracted to “woodsy dudes… random mountain men… motorcycle dudes are cool, but I don’t want the typical bad boy with all the tattoos.”

Tina Kay can find a man “anywhere” – she met someone “actually just last night, waiting for the cab”. What appeals to her in a man? “Confidence… the way he approaches and the way he talks… it’s more about personality rather than looks.” And how many dates before Kay will have sex with her new man? “I don’t date, I just do sex!’

For alt-porn icon Joanna Angel, the best way to meet a guy is “on the Internet… these days, it’s probably the best place to do it.”

Anya Ivy, Amber Chase and Alexis Adams all agreed on the allure of the food aisles of supermarkets. “Grocery stores have been my Number One place where guys try to pick me up,” said Adams. Or, adds Chase, “anywhere you can start a conversation.”

Hitting on women at their jobs, however, is a pickup no-no, says Janice Griffith. “You should never approach a woman while she is at work because she feels obligated to be polite to you… that’s not fair.”

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