Ted Nugent Is A Madman For A Gibson Byrdland


Let’s talk about your Byrdlands. How many do you own?
I think about 16 at this time.

Even though you pretty much own every Byrd in existence, are you constantly looking to add to your collection?
I’m always looking, and occasionally purchase a new classic Byrdland, but for practical pragmatic reasons, I simply don’t need any more.

Tell me about the most recent Byrdland you’ve purchased.
I snagged a fine handsome ‘68 sunburst out of Ohio a few years back. The damn thing caresses my inner soul.

What kind of mods/upgrades do you do to your Byrdlands?
Except for the swapping of the plastic toggle switch knob with a larger brass Gretsch strap knob, I leave these sacred originals original. You don’t tamper with perfection.

How many do you take on the road?
I keep six beasts handy: the mighty ‘61 Black beauty, a ‘60s cherry burst, a ‘60s tobacco burst, a ‘60s blonde, The mighty Great White Buffalo and a backup ‘80s blackie. Sometimes more and sometimes rotate ‘em like the loving harem they are. Jealous Byrdlands are more dangerous than jealous women.

Which Byrdland have you had the longest?
I’m not certain, but I’ve had a couple of blondes, the black one and a couple of bursts for more than 40 years.

Does any guitar have more of an emotional attachment than the rest?
No, they are all functional weapons of mass construction that are loved simply for their utilitarian musical duties.

What kind of strings do you use?
I use GHS 10, 12, 15, 26, 36, 46 and thin picks, striking the strings with the rounded end not the pointed end.