Featured Model: Sarah Claxton

I think my art definitely plays a role in my modeling,” says Sarah Claxton, an accomplished tattoo model, artist and entrepreneur. “It’s the creative mind that can be reflected through photos. Whether it’s makeup or costume design, it all plays into the artistic value of the photo.”

A 26-year-old model who loves tattoos, heavy metal and puppies, Sarah also owns Envied Clothing. “My goal for Envied was to create an environment for any person who has ever felt like they don’t belong to have somewhere where they felt like they could be themselves.”

Having grown up in Knoxville, Tennessee, Sarah loves the beautiful natural scenery of the Great Smoky Mountains and the surrounding areas, but proudly adds: “The fact that my family lives here is my favorite thing.”

I see more new models everyday than ever before. I think it’s pretty exciting to see women being confident enough to try their hand at it. Everyone has to start somewhere – the key is to not give up.

I’ve always been into art since I was a kid and as a teenager I was introduced to the tattoo culture. I loved seeing people use art as a way to reflect themselves. I owned pretty much every tattoo magazine you could think of and always wanted to be a tattoo model. Little did I know it would actually happen.

My favorite piece that I created is a white charcoal drawing of me and my brother. We were wrapped up in Christmas lights and that piece made it into the Knoxville Museum Of Art. I don’t think my dad has ever been so proud and that piece still hangs in his house.

Having Corey Taylor of Slipknot as an art client was dream-like for me. As a teenager and even to this day I’m a huge maggot. Slipknot was the first band that actually introduced me to heavy music and it helped me through a lot of hard times in my adolescent years. To have my role model as a client is unreal. I still can’t believe it.

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