Exclusive: Twang And Round Premiere ‘Dope Boy’ Video

Kentucky based duo Twang And Round, comprised of Vernon Roach (a.k.a “Kuntry Twang”) and Brad Davis (a.k.a “Lil Round”), have successfully managed to meld together a musical hybrid of country, rap, and rock known as AmeriFlow.

Coloring outside the lines of any genre-specific formula, Twang And Round’s musical palette is much more refined than their rapping country brethren. The group can go from blasting the likes of Creedence Clearwater Revival, The Black Crowes, and Lynyrd Skynyrd one minute, to seamlessly mixing in UGK, OutKast, and Beastie Boys the next. All of these elements come together to give Twang And Round a unique signature sound.

This is more than just music. It’s a lifestyle for fans who love to have fun, share a couple drinks, and roll through the heartland with the windows rolled down. Intense rhymes, backwoods bravado, a little moonshine and American pride all come together in the melting pot that is AmeriFlow.

Today we are excited to premiere Twang And Round’s video for “Dope Boy.”

We spent a few minutes with Twang get more insight into their music and the Twang And Round lifestyle.

Thank you for taking time out for this! How are things going?

Everything is going great. We’re staying busy, working hard, and being blessed. We’re going into 2018 with a new album coming in the spring and new music videos being released monthly with our new partners Thirteen Skulls Entertainment.

Please tell us a little about Twang And Round.  How would you explain your music?
We get asked all the time and we simply reply AmeriFlow. That’s where we usually break it down. It’s really simple. If you’re inspired by the American culture, and you’re flowing musical content on any level or genre, then it’s AmeriFlow. We pride ourselves in being original artists, trendsetters, culture movers. We make music that bridges the gaps between lot of different genres. Being from Kentucky we have been inspired by our upbringings to develop blue collar, country, rock, hip hop, bluegrass, pop, blues, gospel, R&B mixed style music. It’s a jambalaya of hip-hop beats and rural real-to-life lyrical content. That’s Twang and Round’s AmeriFlow.

What’s a typical day in the studio like for you?  How do you guys write new material?

In the studio we chop it up every session according to the energy we feel. We might start a session from scratch by creating a beat together or writing lyrics to a beat already on deck. We feel there is no fixed way to create music. It’s in the now. It’s a brand new experience every time. While we are creating or performing we always feel like we are pulling from a cultural vortex that comes into being through our
gifts of music.

We’re premiering the video for “Dope Boy.” What can you tell us about that track?

The concept of the song was actually pulled from our upbringings from our branded family trees. Growing up in both of our communities in rural Kentucky, our family names had already been well known on both sides of the law. So, even at that level, we got our first glimpse of how society misconceives things no matter what the real-to-life story is. Hence, “Dope Boy” was born! We wrote and recorded the song at The Hideaway, our studio nestled in the hills of Riverside, Kentucky, with fellow musician Taylor Thompson aka Taylor James. 

What part of your lifestyle do you think appeals to your fans the most?

I’d say our sense of humor would be the most relateable part of our personalities, coupled with how authentic and real-to-life we really are. I know the fans feel what we
feel deep inside our souls when they take a ride with our music.
What inspires you as an artist?

Life experiences. On this journey, the world has its way of showing and teaching you things that gives you revelations that becomes the art you produce. That’s where originality and being authentic truly exists for us.
Who are some of your influences? Was there a particular artist that had more of an impact?

We always love this question when someone asks us what artists inspired us. Growing up in our households, our grandparents were listening to gospel and classic country music like Hank Williams Sr. Our parents were listening to southern rock, classic rock and outlaw country music like Hank Williams Jr. and Waylon Jennings. In our adolescence we were inspired by all those along with the emergence of rap and hip-hop. This is where we found our way to becoming AmeriFlow artists.

What are your thoughts on how new music is promoted now?

It’s changing rapidly on how people consume music now. The platforms are completely a new universe with social media, live streaming, and digital downloads. It’s like a buffet for the world. Music is easier to get now than it’s ever been in our lives. You can literally cut a Number One hit from your garage or bedroom! So make sure your pajamas are fresh!
What do you hope people take away from your music and videos? 

Inspiration to live life to the fullest every day, knowing that no matter what the world throws at you everything here is temporary. Make as many memories as possible because at the end of the day that’s what we all become.

What was the first album you bought with your own money growing up? 

Beastie Boys License To Ill for me and for Round it’s Dr Dre’s The Chronic.

Thank you again! What would you like to say to wrap up?
Thank y’all for rapping with us and giving us this platform to connect with the world. Every line in the water is a chance to reach that next goal. Take a man fishing and he eats that day, but teach a man how to fish and he can feed himself for a lifetime. God bless!

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