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Exclusive Song Premiere: Michael Sackler-Berner’s ‘While I Was Gone’


We are delighted to bring you a thoughtful, reflective song from New York singer, songwriter, and guitarist Michael Sackler-Berner.

Fans of intimate, acoustic lyricism can check out the exclusive premiere of the heartbreakingly beautiful new track “While I Was Gone” below.

The pensive, plaintive song was co-written with Nick Paul of St. Lucia (Columbia Records recording artists). It is the a-side of the third release in the series of digital 45s (with both a- and b-sides), which will culminate in Michael Sackler-Berner’s double EP release, entitled Beginning, End And In-Between and Fragile Magic, respectively, due out next month.

Sackler-Berner convincingly delivers desperation and confusion as he moves through the lyrics saying “I had plans for you. I had plans for us… This can’t be true.”

What starts as a tale of heartbreak painfully turns into an account of self-reflection, doubt and wondering what’s next.

His sound is reminiscent of Bob Dylan, the more mellow side of Dire Straits, Tom Petty and even old school Francis Dunnery. But what makes Sackler-Berner’s songs so endearing is his ability to tell stories that are reflective of human nature, as you’ll strikingly hear in ‘While I Was Gone.’

Michael Sackler-Berner’s upcoming double EP release features production contributions by esteemed musician Marshall Crenshaw, Grammy-winning producer Stewart Lerman (Elvis Costello, David Byrne, Sufjan Stevens) and Oscar-winning producer Leo Sidran (“The Motorcycle Diaries”), as well as musical contributions from David Mansfield (Bob Dylan, Johnny Cash, Bruce Hornsby And The Range) and Andy Burton (John Mayer). Sackler-Berner was just featured on People’s Music Lounge on People.com. His music has been lauded as “haunting, intense” by Guitar World’s Acoustic Nation.

Michael Sackler-Berner has had music featured in such hit television shows as “Sons Of Anarchy,” “Law And Order” and “Nurse Jackie.” He has played and recorded with such musical greats as Jim Keltner (George Harrison, John Lennon, Traveling Wilburys), Reggie McBride (Stevie Wonder, Elton John, Rod Stewart) and Val McCallum (Jackson Browne, Willie Nelson, Bonnie Raitt). Michael Sackler-Berner is also the frontman and rhythm guitarist for the popular, not-so-side project, The Slim Kings, featuring Liberty DeVitto (Billy Joel).