Exclusive Song Premiere: Angels Cut – ‘Smile’


Humboldt County’s hard-rocking female fronted rock outfit Angels Cut has just wrapped up recording a brand new EP, and now they’ve announced a month long cross-country tour with outlaw group the Moonshine Bandits with support from Pruno. The band’s new EP was recorded at VTOL Studios under the watchful eye of producer Rob Seifert Gage and the full-length is set for an early 2016 release date with the help of Ole Persson Entertainment Consulting & Sourcing.

Angels Cut attack the stage with an intensity that is unrivaled as they unleash thunderous guitar riffs, mixed with a rhythm section that can stop on a dime. Leading the charge is charismatic female frontwoman Stephanie Johnson who showcases her feminine strength and sex-appeal on the stage. Johnson is joined by guitarists Mike Molina and Utah Blue, bassist Aaron McLaughlin, and drummer Joe Barney.

Rock Confidential is excited to premiere a new song from Angels Cut, “Smile.”

We caught up with Angels Cut to find out more about the band, the Moonshine Bandits connection and what fans can expect from their live show.

Please tell me a little about the band and how you all got together.

Utah: I had a bunch of rock songs and was searching for a band to play them. I Met a couple guys and we did the typical thing playing bars and going through members. Aaron and Mike stuck. We wrote some more together and it was pretty fucking cool, but it took a monster step when Steph joined. Her songs, presence, ability. Oh hell yes.

Tell me about your relationship with the Moonshine Bandits.

Utah: We did a New Year’s Eve 2014 in Vegas with those guys like a month after Steph joined, and it was all time! Shiner Nation was in full effect and we were like, take us with you. They must have dug us because here we are charging the Midwest. We’re really looking forward to actually hanging with Dusty and Bird and the boys and sipping some of there branded goods.

Who are some of your musical influences?

Utah: We’re all over the map with that. Country, rock, punk, metal, blues. I hate to speak for the band, but I’m gonna. Mike Molina, our lead guitarist leans toward metal. I’m a classic rocker. AC/DC, Led Zeppelin, Metallica. Steph goes old school Patsy Cline, Etta James up through Pat Benatar to Dropkick Murphys, Five Finger Death Punch, Foo Fighters and Volbeat. Drummer Joe can do it all so he kinda likes it all, and Aaron’s into punk.

Do you write music around lyrics, does the music inspire lyrics – or a little of both?

Steph: It seems like it just starts with something exciting. Whether it’s a riff, a song title, a melody, or even like a line or joke someone says, and you just say, “Go with that!” Usually it’s a riff or a chorus melody and the lyrics are formed by that. Sometimes it’s listening to your voice memos from the night before with no recollection and go, “What’s that? Is that us? That’s cool..” Then put down some words.

What do you look to for lyrical inspiration?

Steph: The riff. The feel of the song. I just blast it in my car and start singing kind of nonsense. Random words. And usually, like a memory or an image, a feeling pops up and something comes of it. A theme of some kind. Then Utes and I play with it try to make it work!

What has been the most exciting part about your career so far?

Utah: The per diem.

Steph: Still the most exciting moments are on stage. I know that’s a cliche, but it’s so true. Those times when you’re lost in the song and going for it. And seeing someone in the crowd going for it with you. That’s the best. That’s the most exciting. The connection.

Tell me about your upcoming tour with The Moonshine Bandits and what fans can expect from your live show.

Utah: So we bomb over to Kentucky and start playing shows! I think the coolest thing is the Moonshine Bandits fans, the Shiners, they get after it and it’s a good time. Also the songs. Those guys’ songs are fucking great. As far as Angels Cut, the fans can expect a high energy, hard rocking good time. And they can definitely expect us to be right there with them enjoying the shiners when we’re done!

What do you hope people take away from your music?

Steph: A smile.

Utah: And a hangover


Catch Angels Cut on tour with the Moonshine Bandits and Pruno:
10/16 – Columbus, OH @ Alrosa Villa
10/17 – Fostoria, OH @ Cowboys & Angels
10/22 – Grand Rapids, MI @ The Intersection
10/23 – Traverse City, MI @ Ground Zero
10/24 – Flint, MI @ Machine Shop
10/27 – Kansas City, KS @ Red Eye Bar
10/28 – Kansas City, KS @ Red Eye Bar
10/29 – Springfield, IL @ Boondocks
10/30 – Indianapolis, IN @ 8 Seconds Saloon
10/31 – Fort Wayne, IN @ Piere’s Ent Center

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