Exclusive Interview: Wendy Moore, Ace Frehley’s Ex

Wendy, I’ve gotta tell you – I read your book and I’ve got a few questions about some of that stuff. We’ll get to ’em in just a minute. Would you care to tell me a little bit about yourself? What were you like in high school?

I was very confused! One year I’d be all heavy-metalled out because I was obsessed with the Lick It Up phase of KISS and Motley Crue and all that stuff that was going on then. I loved Led Zeppelin and Fleetwood Mac so I’d dress like the seventies on occasion. For some reason I was really into Madonna and Cindy Lauper. It was the eighties! You can just imagine the way I dressed at school! I was a big dork and people made fun of me. I was the tallest girl – like I always am everywhere. I’m 5’11”. At the time I was flat-chested and that didn’t go over to well in the schoolyard! I was the youngest in my class. I was 16 when I was a senior in high school. Everyone was far more developed than me. High school was rough.

What was your first concert?

David Lee Roth and Cinderella!

Awesome! Was it for Eat ‘Em and Smile?

Yeah! Now you know what era I’m talking about! Cinderella was one of my favorites.

I listen to a ton of music but bands like that are my favorite – Ratt, Motley Crue, Poison, Black ‘N Blue.

I used to see Black ‘N Blue all the time at the Reseda Country Club! You know, when I was in high school the only thing I knew about KISS is that they used to wear makeup. My best friend Marlene wanted to do this lip sync contest. She suggested I be Ace so I went and bought his solo album and I learned to do his makeup. I thought it was a very beautiful, androgynous character. I didn’t know much about the makeup era for them. I knew about “Lick It Up” and “Heaven’s On Fire”. I really got heavily into everything KISS when I worked for Ace. I’d go into Doc McGhee’s office and get the CDs for free and drive around in Ace’s convertible Mustang. That was big-time to me because my car didn’t have a CD player in it. That was fun to me to listen to CDs in his car and zip around Hollywood running errands for him.

Tell me about the first time you met Ace.

It was Valentine’s Day 1998. It was at the Cat Club. The usual thing for me and my girlfriend’s who didn’t have boyfriends, which was all the time, was like Sex & The City! We’d go out to clubs looking for hot guys to possibly spend an evening with, not necessarily sexually. I went club hopping waiting for a friend to show up. I was just telling her how I could go from club to club and not find a guy that was my type. I could never see someone that I was attracted to. I was getting really frustrated and was extremely lonely. I went home crying and was in bed by eleven. My friend came over and she dragged me back out of bed and went to the Cat Club. We were down in the lounge drinking and it was around 130AM. I decided I was going to go upstairs and the first guy I see that’s my type – I’m going to ask him out. Lo and behold, my type is a very tall guy and black hair. As we’re leaving, Ace was coming through the doors on the other side. I told my friend that we had to go back in there and talk to him. I walked over to him and told him I dressed as him in a lip sync contest when I was 16. That didn’t get a response at all. He just looked me up and down, head to toe. He said, “How tall are you? I wanna sit at your table.” We sat down and me and Ace clicked right away. He was looking in a compact mirror – I always thought that was funny. I don’t even carry one around! Ace said, “I didn’t really want to be noticed tonight.” I looked at him and said, “Is that why you’re wearing that glittery shirt?” We just got along. I went home with him and woke up the next day. He was in the bed with his arms crossed because I didn’t have sex with him. I made a point to not be like that. I met him really late and I wanted to get to know him. First thing out of his mouth was, “I could have overpowered you, ya know.” That was kinda cute. He was insulted that I wasn’t the ordinary groupie for him. The next day we went to his friend Frank’s place for a Valentine’s Day barbeque. I called my best friend up and told her, “You’d never guess who I’m hanging out with!” Ace never saw me being all excited about him. When I was around him it was time to be cool and collected. It never hit me that I was the only one eating at the barbeque. I didn’t realize they were all on coke, ya know? Ace’s codename for cocaine was “Betty” named after Betty White.

You ended up being Ace’s assistant for a while. Give us a rundown of what you did for Ace day after day.

I started off just wanting to hang out with the man. He mentioned that his daughter was coming out and he asked me to clean up his place. As you could probably imagine, it’s a disaster! It’s like being around a little kid! I started out as his housekeeper and made things really nice for when his daugher Monique came out. I’d clean his house every Saturday. We started hanging out some more and I started doing cocaine with him. I started losing my job. I was falling asleep at the desk, all kinds of crazy things. Eventually he just said, “Honey, will you just quit your job and become my personal assistant? I need you all the time.” It felt like I was getting paid to be his wife. I did all the grocery shopping. I did all the cleaning. I did all the phone calls, all the bills. I had his rings ready for him. I had his clothes laid out on the bed like a little kid getting ready to go to school the next day. I knew what he wanted to drink in the mornings. I always drove him around. He never drove anywhere. I was now using cocaine every day. I would sometimes not sleep for two days at a time. We would stay up doing the craziest shit. I would wake up and he’d have the house a disaster from where I’d cleaned it the night before. He had a room just for all his guitars. My god, this room had all these guitar chords in tangles. You couldn’t even see the carpet. I snorted a bunch of cocaine and sat on the floor in there and untangled those things for two whole days! He’s very messy. He’ll eat something and you’ll know what he ate because the wrapper drops wherever he’s eating it! He would eat candy bars in the shower!

I can just imagine Ace in the shower with a Snickers!

Yeah, hot! I didn’t even write about that! He was very out of his mind and I soon came to be the same way. He was verbally abusive, yelling and cussing. It was kinda funny. I watched him get real paranoid, ripping telephone wires out of the wall in a condo that wasn’t even his. He was breaking mirrors thinking there were cameras behind them. He shined a light in my face and asked, “Why didn’t you tell me you talked to the CIA?” He had his apartment booby trapped with strings and tin cans like an episode of Three Stooges. Working with Ace was very exciting, never a dull moment. It was utter insanity.

Did you ever worry that you or Ace may end up dead?

I was a very naive 28 year old. I didn’t know about rehab. I didn’t know that cocaine was addictive. I didn’t think you could die from it. When I sang on coke it felt like my heart was gonna rip outta my chest. I knew I was never gonna do that again. It could’ve just as easily been a heart attack. If I’m high all the time I’m sure not thinking in any logical manner.

Did anybody before or during your relationship with Ace warn you about what you were getting into?

You know what, nobody said that. I told a friend of mine I was hanging out with Ace. All she had was one question, “Is that a good thing?” My answer was, “I don’t know, but I’m having fun.” It was an exciting life for me. He played on my demo and I’m getting paid to hang out with him. It just wasn’t a problem. It was very extreme from who I was.

Is there something that stands out in your mind as the first thing he did that shocked you?

It’s hard to shock me. The things that would come out of his mouth were unbelievable. He would embarass me in public when he was rude to fans. The things that came out of his mouth shocked me the most. More that crapping on the floor or any of the weird things he did. When my car was stolen, the first thing out of his mouth was, “Gee, what are you gonna do for wheels?” Someone had just stolen my high school graduation present, my 1969 Firebird, and that’s all he had to say. His empathy level is not there and it can’t be when your numbed by drugs. He should be so damn happy that he’s a rock star and a millionaire. If a fan comes over, especially if it’s a guy, let me tell ya – he’s never been rude to a female fan. If a guy comes over Ace is like, “Beat it! I’m eatin’!” He made this one guy cry because Ace said something mean to him. It shocks me when a celebrity acts like that. Where’s the gratitude to your fans? Your fans make you.

One thing I thought was funny in the book is how you mentioned that Ace was always obsessed with the way his dick looked in photos.

I’ve found out that a lot of men probably are! He is Mr. Computer Whiz! He knows how to make his hair look fuller, too. Someone showed me an ad and I remember him working on that very ad. It’s so obvious. He’s got his legs spread with his spandex on and there’s an obvious bulge down there. I had to laugh. I was there when he enhanced that photo!

Truth be known, any guy who has to wear spandex is probably gonna be a little obsessed with what their junk looks like.

I guess so! Women want our cleavage out for you guys. I doubt that Gene and Paul are any different. Gene’s cock piece is just like a stuffed animal – there’s nothing in there. I grabbed it and I was surprised that his cock wasn’t in it. Ace told me how he gives himself a rub before he jumps on stage so he’ll have a semi-hard on. That’s funny stuff!

Here’s one for the ladies! Straight up, was Ace good in bed?

I don’t think either one of us were available or gave each other a chance to see if we were good in bed. He wouldn’t wear a condom so…we never really did it. We never had real intercourse. There was one time in bed where he just reached over and gave me a hand job and I came right away. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – guitar player’s hands are the best!

The good news is that you’ve been clean and sober for two years now, right? Is it part of your life now or is it still a struggle?

The only time it’s a struggle is when I want to party. I’m in a band and we’re not a band of narcotics anonymous members. I’m the only one that has to integrate myself into the society and the scenery that I want to be involved in. I know I don’t have another detox in my. Heroin really wiped the floor with me in the past. I’ve had to learn who I am all over again. I look a lot better and gained a lot of weight. My life is just better. When you have a drug problem you don’t realize what it does to your family. I didn’t speak to my parents because of it. Now I have my family back in my life. The only struggle is that once in a while it would be nice to be high. Especially when something bad happens. Your instinct is to go get messed up. I have no escape for my head anymore. I have to deal with life of life’s terms. Whenever I’m feeling bad I go to a meeting. The things that rule my life today are different. People ask if Ace did heroin, but he never did that. I picked that up afterwards.

What would you like to say to the readers?

A lot of Ace fans come to me and are real skeptical because Ace is their favorite and they don’t wanna hear things about him that they may not like. It’s just my experience. I’m not trying to bash the man. It’s just the most intimate details that I could give you on your favorite rock stars, whether you want that or not. Our heroes are not perfect. This book is definitely not going to change your mind about Ace. You know who he is. I’m just going tell you details of a person’s life. It’s funny. It’s a real easy read. Even people who don’t like to read can read it easily because it’s all in my own words. I wrote how I talk. It’s quite a journey.