Exclusive Interview: Rob Halford from Judas Priest

The buzz surrounding legendary metal band Judas Priest’s forthcoming album, Firepower, is undeniably growing louder. With the release of the album’s first video, “Lightning Strike,” Priest is delivering the goods as only they can. Frontman Rob Halford weighs in on the foundation of what keeps the Judas Priest machine rocking.

Do you feel a responsibility to keep metal alive?

You should have a responsibility to yourself to make the best music you can make – don’t take second guesses or drop the bar. That’s difficult in Judas Priest. It’s like the waves coming in to the shore. Sometimes you have a really high tide and sometimes you have a really low tide. That’s natural in any band that’s had a long life. The elements of being aware of what is being expected from you becomes quite strong the longer you do it. You’re backing yourself up to your most successful moments. You don’t want to fail your fans or yourself or diminish in any way. It’s extremely important in Priest that we’re aware of that. We genuinely work hard – I’m not talking about working in the coal mines. Those guys really work hard. I’m talking about the mental attitude and the efforts and the hours you put into making good music. That’s all very much intact in Judas Priest.

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