Exclusive Interview: Jesse James Dupree From Jackyl


Like a man shot out of a cannon landing in a thick, greasy pile of Georgia dirt, Jackyl has released their eighth studio album, ROWYCO. Sonically heavier than any Jackyl record before it, ROWYCO delivers on what the band is known for – fun, hard n’ heavy, raunchy, beer-drinkin’, rock n’ roll.

“It’s a Jackyl record at its core, but there are some tracks, lyrically, that I went a little deeper on a personal level with some things I had going on at the time,” explains frontman Jesse James Dupree. “It is the thickest sounding production that we have ever recorded. It’s just a huge slice of rock. ROWYCO is a very diverse album and every track has its purpose.”

Rock Confidential caught up with Jesse James Dupree to talk about the new album and the fundamentals of rock n’ roll – Jackyl style.

Early on, ROWYCO was described as the “fattest” sounding Jackyl record to date. After hearing just a few seconds of the opening track “Disasterpiece” you know exactly why. What made the difference on ROWYCO?

I purchased an old Neve console out of Chung King Studios in New York. The Beastie Boys recorded their first album on that board, Santana, Ted Nugent, Run DMC did “Walk This Way” on that board. A lot of great artists have recorded on that board. It sounds like butter. The board is so incredible and it has such a fat, warm sound. I think it really made all the difference in the world with the sound of this record. It’s part of a great studio and I’m very blessed to have it on the property.

Rock Out With Your Cock Out

Rock Out With Your Cock Out

What was the timeline for getting the board and writing new Jackyl songs?

I didn’t get a chance to record on it for about a year. I bought the board and then immediately had to go to work to pay for it.

Did having the board inspire the new material at all?

I definitely think it helped with the enthusiasm level. You could just hear that something magical was happening in the sound and it just melded together. This record has a ton of attitude and I think a lot of it comes from the sound of that board.

You know without a doubt that it’s Jackyl, but it’s something different than you’ve done before.

At the end of the day, it’s another album that celebrates the fundamentals of rock n’ roll. I will leave it to U2 and Bruce Springsteen to write songs about curing cancer – well, they think they can. God bless ’em, but I’ve got a buffer that keeps from having a holier-than-thou attitude about stuff. I’m proud of the sound of the record and it’s a damn good rock n’ roll album. You wanna blow off some steam after working 40 or 50 hours a week and you wanna jam loud, proud, hard and honest. This record will damn sure get that done.

Jackyl’s cover of “Every 1’s A Winner” is a standout on ROWYCO.

We have a song on Best In Show called “Screwdriver.” We used to listen to “Every 1’s A Winner” to get some inspiration and get that groove going. When we started working on this album we were listening to it again and just decided to record it.

Do you laugh at yourself sometimes when you write lyrics like “I’m ready to fuck, you’re ready to fight” in “Just Because I’m Drunk” or a song like “Limpdick.”

I’ll tell you what. I was listening to these great old songs on Willie’s Roadhouse on SiriusXM. If you wanna know where Jackyl comes from, it comes from that old country stuff. Stuff like “If I’m Gonna Sink (I Might As Well Go To The Bottom)” or “She’s Acting Single (I’m Drinkin’ Doubles)” and “Rednecks, White Socks And Blue Ribbon Beer.” I grew up on that stuff and it had more of an influence on me than I realized.

You can’t forget “She Got The Goldmine, I Got The Shaft.”

Yeah, that was Jerry Reed. Or what about “I’ve always been crazy, but it’s kept me from going insane” by Waylon Jennings? “Just Because I’m Drunk” comes from an honest place.

“Blast Off” is the last song on the record, but sounds like an opening track to me.

We open the show with that song. We were going to put it as the first song on the album but we thought if we put it at the end it will make people want to play the album again. That was the psychology behind finishing the album with “Blast Off.” It will make you want to hear it again. “Blast Off” is also the first song we wrote for ROWYCO.

Did you set aside time to write ROWYCO or are you always writing?

We didn’t really sit down and say we’re going to write a record. We just kinda eased into it. It started with me just going into the studio to play with that mixing console after it’d been sitting in my studio for a year. I finally had a chance to record on it and once I started I just couldn’t stop. I got so excited I had to keep going.

Jackyl's debut album turns 25 in 2017

Jackyl’s debut album turns 25 in 2017

What new material are you playing live?

We’re playing “My Moonshine Kicks Your Cocaine’s Ass,” “Screwdriver,” “Blast Off,” “Just Because I’m Drunk,” “Rally” – we’re playing a lot of songs from the last three releases. They’ve become staples in the set right along with “I Stand Alone,” “Down On Me,” and “Dirty Little Mind.”

Are you doing anything to celebrate the 25th anniversary of your first album?

We’re looking at doing a Best Of that will include something off every one of our albums.

Have you ever considered playing the entire first record live?

You know, we’ve talked about that kind of stuff. Before we had a record deal we used to go out and play Back In Black in it’s entirety. That was a great set to play. We also played Aerosmith Rocks in it’s entirety. That was a lot of fun. We’ve never went out and played one of our albums like that. That’s a great idea and maybe we’ll do that on this next run of dates.

Tell me about the grand opening of the Full Throttle Saloon.

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