Exclusive Interview: Jacoby Shaddix from Papa Roach


Man, I’m diggin’ the first single from your new CD of the same name, “Getting Away With Murder.” How would you say the new record compares to your others?

I’d say, in basic terms, we took the intensity and sense of urgency and the anthemic styles of Infest and mixed them with the rock styles of LoveHateTragedy. I’m singing my ass off on this record. It’s not a one-dimensional record. We take you on a journey through rock ‘n roll on this one.

Is this rock ‘n roll journey inspired by everyday life? Did certain events inspire some of the songs?

This record is laced with liberation, with hope, frustration, angst. That’s something new for this band…hope and liberation. It’s a good thing.

How long did it take to write and record this one?

We came off the road from LoveHateTragedy and took about a month off from each other. We didn’t even talk to each other. We got some sanity. We got some space. We all have ProTools rigs so it’s like we all have home recording studios. We started doing demos and passing those back and forth. There was no writer’s block on this album. The creative flow was just there. There were so many ideas that we were throwing around that it was ridiculous. We sat down and talked about what we wanted to achieve with this record. We decided we weren’t going to set up any boundaries in this band. We’re not gonna say, “That doesn’t sound like Papa Roach – we can’t work on that.” Fuck that. We just wrote what came to us. This record is a reflection of that. We have to go where the music takes us. For us, that is staying true to our art. I like to tell people the only thing that’s consistent about this band is that we’re always going to evolve.

So really your inconsistency is the only consistent thing about you!


Because of that attitude now would you say Getting Away With Murder is like the first true Papa Roach album? Was it suggested that you write a certain way and keep certain style songs before?

All of our records are a reflection of where we’re at individually and where we’re at as a band. When we’re writing records – we’ve been together for 11 years now – when we would write before Infest you could really hear our influences in our music. Over the progression of these last three records it’s shown a growth into Papa Roach as being unique as a band. I don’t think we sound like a carbon copy of some other band out there. We are doing our own thing now. I’m really happy with it, ya know?

The video for “Getting Away With Murder” has some crazy shit goin’ on. What’s the story on that video? Is it politically motivated?

Yeah. We got with this group called Motion Theory and they came up with this video idea where we’re in the stock exchange performing and the stock market crashes. All this political hot point stuff starts popping up in the background on the tickers. It’s really about pushing those buttons to get a reaction out of people. People are very opinionated about the government and what’s going on in the world today. We want to get a reaction because that stuff is important right now. Also, it’s got sex, too! We juxtaposed the political with the rock ‘n roll and the sex. It’s a total sensory overload.

Dude, those two chick making out in the elevator…It doesn’t get much better than that!

Yeah, I’m safe in saying that there are a lot of people in America and in this world that really don’t mind that!

If they would just be honest – it’s OK to like that stuff!

Dude, we know sex sells…

So what’s touring been like this year?

We did a small club tour to get kids hearing the new music in that real intimate environment. They were really fuckin’ diggin’ that. The reaction has been really good and it was a fun way to premiere some of the new material. Touring plans for the future…We’re doing a couple of festivals with Velvet Revolver so that’s gonna be fuckin’ rad. We’re gonna go back in September to do a quick headlining tour of Europe and come back October 20 to start our own headling tour throughout the United States. We’ll be playing theaters and fuckin’ rocking the hell out of those!

You’ve been doing this for 11 years now. What’s the biggest change you’ve noticed?

The music is the beautiful part of it. The business is a fuckin’ bitch! Fuck, look – At the end of the day we’re taking the record company’s money, we’re making records, and we’re touring the world. It doesn’t get much better than that. As far as the business side, we try not to let that stress us out too much. Then you get jaded. We’re still excited doing the live show. We don’t take this for granted. As far as the business goes, fuck the business.

What do you say to people that only know Papa Roach because of “Last Resort”?

There’s so much more to this band than just one song. There are so many more songs that we’ve written and so much heart and so much passion in this band. If you like that song you need to dig deeper into this band because I guarantee you there is more that this band has to offer. This new record is a really solid record and it shows growth from that. Papa Roach came to bring the ruckus!

Tell me what’s up with your website.

It’s like a crime scene investigation. It has a story-line that keeps evolving over the course of this record. Kids can be involved in the drama and the saga.

What would you like to say to everybody?

Fuckin’ hold on to your dreams, dude. You don’t want your nightmare to become your reality.