Exclusive Interview: Diamond Dallas Page


Chances are you know Diamond Dallas Page as the three-time WCW World Heavyweight Champion who used his trademark move, the “Diamond Cutter,” to finish off his opponents.

BUT – What if you’re not a wrestling fan? What if you don’t know about DDP’s wrestling career? That’s perfectly OK with Page. He is now making a bigger BANG! outside of the ring with something he feels is “much cooler” – DDP Yoga.

For the past 12 years Page has been developing his workout system and helping a lot of people along the way. Helping others change their lives in a positive way is what he feels he was truly meant to do. Positively Page. For a razor-sharp example of what Page is so passionate about, you must start with this video. Grab a Kleenex, bro:

DDP Yoga is currently used by professional football players, professional as well as amateur wrestlers, MMA fighters, and regular everyday people who want to perform at optimum levels and want to place themselves in the best position to see career and life changing results and improve their quality of life. Most notably Page has devoted himself to helping two friends – Jake “The Snake” Roberts and Scott Hall.

I reached out to Diamond Dallas Page with questions about DDP Yoga and learned more than I anticipated. He even had me do a little yoga over the phone and I very quickly found out how something so focused and low-impact can make a huge impact on your body.

My first introduction to DDP Yoga was seeing the remarkable video from Arthur and watching his complete transformation. It really was an emotional journey for him and we all get to be a part of it every time we watch it. It doesn’t get more inspiring than that, man.

That was seven years ago this past February. He can do stuff today that I can’t even do – and I can do a lot of crazy shit! (laughs) He is crazy flexible and strong now. We first started talking on the internet because he bought my program. I sent out this mailer to everyone individually. I wasn’t trying to sell anything. I just wanted to ask a few questions. His answers were amazing. I knew he needed help so I sent him another email: Tell me more about yourself. That’s when I found out he was a disabled Veteran and had been on braces for over 16 years. He mentioned he was morbidly obese. I asked him to send me some pictures and when I got ’em I was thinking, “How am I gonna help this guy?”

That’s when I started learning what GMO foods were all about. What these big companies are doing to our foods and how they’ve genetically altered them… You’ve never seen cancer the way it is today. Disease and allergies are running rampant. Who the fuck was allergic to peanut butter when you were growing up? Nobody! I feel like a parent to a certain degree but I research the shit out of food – what’s real and what’s not. I started Arthur eating real food, not garbage masqueraded as food. Real food will heal your body. Fake food will kill your body. Arthur got back to real food, a workout that was minimal joint impact on his body that was kick-ass cardio that would dramatically increase his flexibility and core strength conditioning.

All Arthur wanted to do was lose 50 pounds and then he was going to get his knees operated on. This is what real food does. He never had the operation. That shocked me. Then it came to Jake Roberts. Jake was so beat up. He couldn’t go from standing to the ground and back up again. I watched what real food did for him. It worked for me, too. When I gave up wheat and dairy I lost 15 years. It took me a long time to want to do it. It took me being in a lot of pain before I did it and then I realized it was real. I’ve watched Arthur, me, Jake – our whole bodies have changed.

Let’s just throw this out there, too. The DDP in DDP Yoga means more than “Diamond Dallas Page” doesn’t it?

Drive, Desire, and Passion. Even more than that it’s Dedication, Diligence and a Positive attitude. It’s whatever you need it to be. Scott Hall calls it Dally’s Daily Passion. (laughs) It is whatever you want it to mean that’s a positive entity. There’s nothing negative about what I’m doing. As much as I love the wrestling business there was a shitload of negative things there. A lot of political backstabbing that comes with the real world. In my world that don’t exist anymore. If anybody is negative I delete them. Change the channel. CLICK! Me, Steve Austin, Nash and Raven used to do that to each other when guys were talking too much or too full of themselves. CLICK!

The positive vibe even translates to something as simple as a shirt. In a video on your YouTube channel, Jake Roberts was wearing a shirt that said “Wasted Youth” and it was your first priority for him to stop wearing clothes with a negative message.

If you could hang out with Jake Roberts for a day and know where he was and the path he’s on and take every bad habit you can imagine that he’s had. He’s had to dog-collar shock himself to a certain degree. He has changed so much. The times that he has fallen down, he’s come back even stronger. It really comes down to a positive environment. I watched Scotty Hall come in here looking like death. It’s not even been four months yet and he’s almost back to being the bad guy! His swagger is back. He’s got the new hip. When you feel like shit how are you going to get positive? Let’s start with what makes you feel like shit: the foods you eat, lack of exercise. When you get up tomorrow have a big glass of water and a piece of fruit as opposed to a doughnut and coffee. You tell me you don’t feel different!

One of the reasons I wanted to talk to you is I’m in my mid-30s now. At lot of people reading Rock Confidential are between 25 and 40. Our bodies are changing like crazy. We can’t eat the way we used to eat. We have to make changes now more than ever. To see so many people change their life for the better because of you and your program, how does that affect you?

It’s very humbling. I got famous and then I got crazy famous between ’97 and 2000. I couldn’t go anywhere without causing a disturbance. It was crazy. What’s wild, and I said this five years ago, this whole DDP Yoga thing is going to dwarf what happened to me in wrestling. Some people only know me as this fitness guru. If you change one person’s life because of this interview, it’s powerful. It turns into two, five, 10, 20, 50 people and it’s because they are changing lives. Twenty percent plus of our sales every day comes from family, friends and co-workers. That tells me people are definitely telling more people about it once they start doing it.

How do you think your wrestling career and even your previous career as a nightclub promoter helped you develop DDP Yoga?

It has to go back to the nightclubs. Putting asses in the seats. Once they’re there you have to entertain them. I did that at a very high level. And I did it fucked up a lot! (laughs) I was shitfaced a lot of times but I knew what I was doing. I started wrestling when I was 35. I came in as a manager and color commentator. After five months I helped Scott Hall create his look, which would become the Razor Ramon bad guy, and then back to Scott Hall again. I felt like I was brought in to that spot just to help Scott Hall. No bullshit. Scott Hall would help me later by helping me be the first guy to drop the NWO. Nobody touched them before that. How I approached everything I did, even before that, was treat Diamond Dallas Page like a nightclub. Anything I could do PR-wise to further the brand I would do. You’d better be entertaining! Diamond Dallas Page is a pretty damn entertaining character! (laughs) When you see my documercial you’ll understand. I’m not calling it an infomerical. You’ll see similarities but it’s not the same. There aren’t three big sales – there’s only two. Those sales are inspiring. Instead of saying “Four payments but if you order right now we’ll make it only three,” which is total bullshit – I just made it three from the beginning. How about free shipping? I broke a lot of rules. I just spoke to two guys who have been doing my program. I didn’t even know they had it. They know the DDP from the ring and they said they are just as entertained and inspired by the guy on the DVDs. I have people telling me they laugh in the same spots every time and they’ve been doing it for a year. When someone gets the product they’d better be entertained and inspired. The hardest thing about yoga for anybody to do is get on the mat OR you can get in your car, drive to the gym and walk in. I’ve never heard one person say, “I wish I never did that” about DDP Yoga. I’ve heard shitloads of people leave the gym and go, “Oh god, why did I do that?” They hurt their hip, they hurt their knee, they hurt their shoulder. (laughs) You never hear that with my workout. After my workout you’re energized and you’re fuckin’ glad you got another one down! Now you may have called me a motherfucker two or three times during that workout, but you did it! (laughs) That’s OK – when I was a bad guy I loved to get booed. This workout will have you swearing and sweating! (laughs)

You have an impressive list of wrestlers and sports figures that have embraced DDP Yoga. Have any been resistant to try it, maybe just because it’s yoga?

I think men in general have that issue. The biggest guy that had an issue is Stone Cold Steve Austin. He told me he was going to try it and review it for a month. He said, “I hope I can say I like it. I hope it works.” I told him it’s worked for thousands of people – DDP Yoga works if you work. If you don’t work – NOTHING works. All Steve wants it for is flexibility training.

Look at the three entities of fitness: strength, cardio and flexibility. Let’s look at strength. Weightlifting. Absolutely you’re going to build strength in your body. What’s it going to do for your flexibility? It’s going to inhibit it. It has a monster impact on your joints. What does it do for cardio? It doesn’t exist. Let’s go to cardio. Stairmaster, elliptical. It’s great for your lower body and heart. You’ll get some strength training in your legs but you’ll not build in size unless you’re biking. It’s a monster impact on your body. What does it do for flexibility? It inhibits. You’ve got to do another whole session of stretching. Let’s look at flexibility. Yoga is probably the best. You’ll absolutely get more flexible. Can you build core strength? Absolutely. Cardio, unless you’re in a class with a lot of hot bodies, ain’t really gonna happen. Your strength impact is going to be minimal. Out of the three that is the only one that is minimum impact. DDP Yoga is kick-ass cardio that will dramatically increase your flexibility while it’s increasing your core strength with minimal joint impact. Any athletes that read this that are 23 or older, if they ever played football, baseball, basketball, soccer, you name it – if they played like warriors they are starting to understand what the joint impact has been causing. Especially the guys in their 30s. If they’re in their 40s they’ve stopped running because they can’t anymore. People that are really obese – a hundred pounds or more overweight – I’ll show them what to do but I won’t really work with them unless they give up wheat and dairy. That’s poison. Especially for anyone overweight a hundred pounds. I’ve got a guy that was 601 pounds. 601 pounds! In one year he’s lost over 200 pounds. He’s in the 300s now. Another guy was 529 pounds. He’s down 160 pounds. One year. I call those two guys all the time. If wrestling fans ever knew how close they could get to me just by taking care of themselves, they’d never believe it. (laughs) Those two guys are my friends. They’ll be my friends forever.

What’s next for DDP Yoga?

I’m going to start testing the documercial. I’m really excited about that. It tell real success stories and shows things that will make you cry. It’s not about “look at my abs” – it’s about “look at my life.” We don’t say “Change your life” – we say “Own your life.” Owing your life starts with taking accountability. We all fall down from time to time. I just got off the phone with WWE. They’re doing a half-hour show every week with Yahoo! and they asked if I wanted a bit in there about DDP Yoga or fitness. Me and Jake cook! We go in the kitchen and make DDP’s famous pancakes or waffles that are gluten and dairy free. Bing, bang, boom – we’ll put it together in three minutes. Chris Jericho was over at my house and I made him some waffles and eggs. (laughs) There will be two or three-minute segments that we put together. The movie we started filming about Jake “The Snake” Roberts was originally called The Resurrection Of Jake The Snake but as time has gone on it’s started taking on a life of it’s own and it will now be called It’s Never Too Late – The Resurrection Of Jake “The Snake” And Scott Hall. We’ll be filming that for another year or so. We’ll still be making videos for the DDPTV YouTube channel.

For more on Diamond Dallas Page and DDP Yoga, please visit DDPYoga.com!