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Many times in the adult industry, girls get into the business without really knowing what to do and people take advantage of them. One of the things they don’t know (and I always try to educate them on) is the importance of buying your own URL.

If you are unfamiliar with what a URL is, it’s what you need to start a website. For example, Justin Beiber’s is I’m wondering why he didn’t buy I looked up that URL and it was owned by a company. If you don’t act fast enough, you could have a problem when you want to start your official website—whether you’re an adult performer, rock star or actor, at some point you will want to have a website.

A lot of times, a girl will start in the adult industry and not buy her own URL. Either her agent, manager or even her publicist will buy it for her and hold it hostage. I have seen this happen many times. They may keep it for spite or even charge the girl a fee to buy it from them. I have even seen fans and stalkers do this. It’s illegal and called cybersquatting. The FBI and local police actually prosecute people for this crime.

So when you get your stage name (or even use your real name), go to a site like GoDaddy and use the Search Domain bar at the top of the page and see if your URL is available. Let say your name is Donatello Turtle. That’s available right now on GoDaddy as If you buy the .com, you should also buy the .net version, too.

Whether you’re ready to launch your site or not, buy it now, before someone else does. Make sure to check your email for the renewal a year from when you buy it (or you can set it anywhere from 3 to 5 years). If you don’t renew it within a certain amount of time, someone else can scoop it up.

I have seen cyber squatters buy URLS and sell them up to $15k. There’s not much else you can do except come up with an alternate name like or You can take them to court, but it will cost a lot of money (upwards of $10k in legal fees). Also avoid buying sites that DO NOT end in .com. There are millions of other ones like .guru, .xxx, .tv, .club, .biz and tons of others. Not worth it, and it can be confusing.

Another thing you might want to do is to trademark your name. That way no one can open a site with a similar name or they do steal your URL, you can legally make them give it back to you. Trademarking is just a good idea anyway and it costs just under $2k. It could save you thousands over time. It requires a lawyer.

And lastly, make sure to get your own name for your Twitter, Fan Page for Facebook and Instagram. Pick a consistent name. Once you decide on a name, get it right away also. People take these kinds of names too. Once you have enough followers on Twitter, you will want to get Verified so people will know it’s really you. Twitter has a new online form that makes this easy. Instagram rarely verifies people, unless they’re uber famous.

If you want to hire a publicist to help you with all of this, we can do that. You will need to physically buy it yourself, but we can help you with the process and of course, making you famous. We let the clients buy and set up everything on their own, so can control their own destiny and never feel taken advantage of. We work with adult and mainstream clients. Just email us at


Born in NYC and with an East Coast attitude to match, Erika Icon is one of the feistiest women in the adult industry with 10+ years of experience. In 2008, Icon started her own firm, The Rub PR, the full-service adult PR agency working with the top studios, companies, and performers. Prior to working in adult, she worked for six years as an Art Director and Copywriter for well-respected advertising agencies in Los Angeles.

Icon has helped her promote her clients and their brands effectively, and brought them into the mainstream arena. In 2014, Icon got her client Kimber James cast on E! Entertainment’s “Botched” and even appeared with her on the show. The Rub PR’s clients have appeared in numerous mainstream TV and movies, in addition to interviewed by Cosmo, Cosmo Latina, Elle, Refinery29, Vice, Playboy, The Daily Beast and many more.

In November of 2011, Icon was XBIZ’s WIA (Woman in Adult). Over the past six years, she’s garnered three nominations from the Fame Registry for Publicist of the Year, a 2014 XBIZ Awards nomination for Marketing Campaign of the Year, two 2015 AVN Awards nominations for Outstanding Marketing Campaign, and a 2015 Inked Awards nom for The Bill Snyder Achievement Award.

Icon has been interviewed by Cosmo for an article entitled “What It’s Really Like to Be a PR for Porn Stars”, in addition to interviewing with PR Week for their Sex Issue and the Wall Street Journal about her social media expertise. She writes monthly blogs for XCritic and Rock Confidential about the industry and public relations.

For more about The Rub PR, visit

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