Brad Paisley Talks New Signature Guitar And Inspiring Young Players

Award-winning and multiplatinum-selling country music superstar, singer, and celebrated guitarist Brad Paisley discusses his career-long journey to inspire the next generation of guitar players everywhere.

“The guys at Fender were so nice, they made a Brad Paisley signature model before I was even born,” Paisley jokes during a tour stop in Seattle. “I’m probably one of the only players who can claim that.”

“I’ve played Telecasters my whole career,” says Paisley, who credits Ricky Skaggs, Vince Gill and Albert Lee with introducing him to the Tele brand. “When Fender approached me about doing this model, I was drawn in by their willingness to make something that was obtainable. I didn’t have any interest in starting out with some $10,000 guitar, because really, we’re talking about a cutting board with electronics. You could chop vegetables on it and then play it. I didn’t want to make something that was untouchable for anybody.”

Retailing at $1,199.99, the Road Worn Tele is modestly priced compared to other high-end, American-made guitars. To make sure the cost stayed low, Paisley avoided adding accessories like the B-bender, which allows players to emulate the swooning sound of a pedal steel. The goal was to keep things simple and straightforward, focusing on the core ingredients of Paisley’s Tele tone.

“If we started putting all of these crazy additions into it,” he explains, “it would’ve turned into a Mercedes or something. What we really wanted to do was sell a Chevy – a great muscle car.”