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Anthrax Release New Lyric Video for ‘Suzerain’

[soo-zuh-rin, -reyn]

noun: a feudal overlord or sovereign or a state exercising political control over a dependent state

“Suzerain,” an intense and politically-charged track from Anthrax’s critically-acclaimed album For All Kings, is lyricist Scott Ian’s musings about a leader who would be so powerful that all nations, all people, would come under his benevolent authority, and in return, he would bring peace, happiness and prosperity to all of Earth.

“Mankind keep making the same mistakes over and over,” said Ian. “You’d think that after thousands of years of religious, economic and ideologic wars, we’d have figured out how to live with each other, but we haven’t. That’s what drew me to the idea for ‘Suzerain.'”

The “Suzerain” video incorporates the game of chess along with images of battles fought by ancient empires to illustrate imperial power.