Andrew W.K. Releases New Video For ‘Music Is Worth Living For’

Andrew W.K. recently released You’re Not Alone, his first new album in more than a decade. The record has received passionate responses from fans and rave reviews from critics, and today, Andrew unleashes a new video for the album’s anthemic statement of purpose, “Music Is Worth Living For.”

Directed and edited by Tim Dennesen, the video transports Andrew and his band into a dark and supernatural atmosphere. Andrew describes the video this way: “‘Music Is Worth Living For’ finds me and my band in the throes of a colossal vision quest. Determined to party harder than ever, we steel ourselves against alien elements, and battle a formless but formidable storm. Multiplying myself, I attempt to transcend the whirling void by engaging in a series of flailing spiritual maneuvers, vainly wrestling with the emptiness of my own soul. Alas, I discover I had already been consumed by my own triumphantly pathetic creation. And at this moment of devastatingly poignant clarity, I realize I’m back where I started, trapped inside the hardest party of all: Being alive.”